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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Life Lately

With the colder weather comes crocheting! My favorite time of the year. I have recently gotten several orders for hats, scarves, and other such things that I enjoy making. Here are some of them....

 I am trying out some new patterns I found in preparation for my two craft shows in December (the same week!!).

One recent evening my mom and I were on my back patio when lo and behold this little creature came creeping down the stairs from my upstairs balcony...

It was quite adorable and Nick proceeded to feed it some cat food--which it loved! It was pretty cute and it must live close to or in my backyard because we have seen it several times.

The weather has been very pleasant lately and we have made an effort to get outside and enjoy it! The days are still warm in the 70s and 80s but the nights are starting to get chilly. Brad loves to get outside and ride his bike, push his mower, and go for walks! That boy is full of energy.

It just BLOWS my mind that in 10 short months my baby boy will be starting school. Our lives will be filled with PTA meetings, open house, report cards, school lunches, holiday breaks, and homework for the next 14+ years! Wow.

Halloween will be here in just a couple short weeks and I have almost all of the trimmings for Brads costume. He is going to be a simple skunk and I am going to be a punk rocker! The last few years we have had a lot of fun with our tradition of pizza and trick-or-treating.

Speaking of holidays, I am getting close to being DONE with my Christmas shopping! As always I pick up things throughout the year, and I also recently put in an order with ABC Distributing that should be coming in soon. With the addition of some homemade gifts and treats that will be all of it! It is so nice to have it done early and not have to worry about shopping in the middle of the holiday rush with all of the other wait-till-the-last-minuters. Bring it on!


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