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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day Out With Thomas

 First let me show you my first-of-many autumn nails design:

It is metallic copper with a ling of black dots. I have several dark colors (grey, purple, navy) that I have been itching to use after summer was over. We had a cold front move in that brought our temps down to the 40s-50s so now it really feels like fall!

Yesterday afternoon we took Brad to go see the "real" Thomas the train. He loves the show and all things Thomas. I love the show because it is based on stories written by a Reverend and teaches good morals :) The tickets were on the expensive side but Brad had a good time and it was his first train ride!

 He was very scared of Sir Topham Hatt....

There were tons of other kids there and he had fun watching everyone and seeing a real train. Some day soon we will take him on our Amtrak for a longer ride.


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