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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Trip to Grand Lake

We are happy to be home! We all had a good time at the lake this week. Originally we were booked to split a cabin with my dad and his girlfriend, but at the last minute things did not work out for them....long story short--we took Nick's sister Sarah and her daughter Zoe with us!

It was an interesting drive with two 3-year olds but we made it to our cabin at Grand Lake!

The kiddoes were happy to be out of the car!

It was around 100 degrees the whole trip so the first thing we did was unpack the car then go down to the "shore" to check out the water. It was pretty warm!

The water there was some of the clearest I have seen at a lake! We had our own swimming dock but didn't use it because Nick saw water moccasins by it.

I took some pics of the inside of the cabin--it was very nice! Here
is the master bedroom (downstairs) and the view from the bed to the deck and lake:

The large master bathroom: (the kid's room is behind this)

....and our walk-in closet!

 Here is the living room upstairs:

...and here is the view from the living room thru the patio doors to the deck and lake:

On the downstairs deck was an 8-person hot tub that we used every night! We turn the temp down on it and it was like a bubbling heated pool for us. The kids loved it!

I brought along my 2 homegrown eggplants to make eggplant parmesan for dinner one night there!

I cooked all the meals for us and we enjoyed just hanging out around the cabin and beating the heat. We did find a nice swimming beach down the road so we went there each day and swam for awhile. The water was very warm! The kids had a fun time playing with each other.

Brad was a little out of his element because he had to sleep in a regular bed instead of a crib....so he had some nighttime issues that he usually doesn't. We got thru it though and hopefully that helped him with the transition to a big-boy bed at home!

Tuesday was Brad's actual birthday so to celebrate I baked a cherry jello cake and we had ice cream. It was a fun getaway, but we will be glad to all sleep in our own beds tonight!


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  1. What a nice trip to the lake! It looks like you all had a wonderful time!!!!


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