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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My 3 Year Old Boy

 Two blogs in one day?? Yes, I must squeeze in my little man's 3 year stats before time gets away from me. His party was Saturday, his birthday was Tuesday, but we didn't do pics until today because we just got home this afternoon. Don't judge me for retrodating it!

Weight: 30 lbs
Height: 37 "

We had just come in from swimming so he just kept his trunks on for the pic! He was more cooperative for my posing than before--I think we are making progress! Now for his stats:

At 3 years old you:
  • have been potty-trained since April!! #1 AND 2! We are so proud of you.
  • still wear a diaper for naps and bed, but they are usually dry
  • love watching  Cat in The Hat, Thomas the Train, or Blue's Clues in the morning
  • have a big sweet tooth
  • wear a size 7 shoe
  • still fit some 18mo-2T clothes! Especially now that your diaper butt is gone
  • sleep from around 8:30pm-10am
  • nap from around 3pm-5:30pm
  • can follow complex commands
  • can identify tons of sounds and objects
  • know your ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and count up to 10
  • don't usually like to eat rice, potatoes, or pasta but you will if encouraged/bribed
  • are still healthy as a horse!
  • talk up a storm, usually 50% jibberish
  • love to swim, and just started using arm floaties
  • love to play with trucks, cars, and toy helicopters
  • love books and frequently look at them by yourself
That's about all I can think of right now! Since his 2 1/2 year post, he has grown 1 1/2" and gained 4lbs! He still seems tiny compared to some kids his age, but I know they all grow at their own pace! I'm proud to say that we have maintained our stand of minimal junk food for him. He never gets pop or koolaid, he only gets dessert/sweets if he eats all of his dinner, if he doesn't like his food he doesn't eat, and he has to try at least one bite of a new food. He is still picky and will love a food one minute then refuse it the next, but I'm sure that is just part of a phase and as he gets older he will develop true likes and dislikes of foods. I think right now if he doesn't recognize what a food is then he won't eat it, even if it something he likes.

He still plays well with other children, and doesn't get upset at all when we leave him in the care of someone else. I am going to look into starting him up with Mother's Day Out at a local church this fall to help transition him into preschool. I can't believe my little boy is growing up so quickly!!


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