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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Busy Life

For all my local peeps, I hope everyone made it thru these recent storms without damage. In case you haven't heard, a tornado hit today in Norman not too far from my house. Not cool! I had just gotten off of work and was heading home (fighting rush hour traffic also) when the radio cut off and said there a tornado warning in my county with a tornado on the ground. I couldn't get ahold of Nick but my mom and brother called me freaking out. By the time I got home it was all over and thankfully we didn't have any damage. Nick had jumped into survival mode and hunkered down with our little one under the stairs until the sirens went off and the worst passed!

We are supposed to have some more major storms coming tomorrow, so keep this whole area in your prayers!

In other news....I booked our summer vacation! We will be splitting a gorgeous lake cabin at Grand Lake with my dad and his girlfriend! Here is a pic:
It is a two-story cabin with a ramp to a private swimming dock. There is a deck on each level with an 8 person hot tub, grill, patio furniture, and outdoor stereo system!

It is fully furnished--all we have to bring is clothes and food! We are staying for 3 nights and 4 days at the end of June.

My last bit of "news" is of a more financial matter. I started a new IRA! In a nutshell I rolled over my 401k from OU Medical Center into a new rollover IRA which I discovered you can't really contribute out of pocket money to. So I have been on the hunt to start a new IRA that I can contribute to on my own, in addition to the rollover one that is still building mucho interest! I decided to go with T. Rowe Price after I read thru their Prospectus and IRA plans. The process was very simple, and I already knew exactly which fund I wanted my money to go into. I started it off with $1,000 and will automatically deposit $100/month after that. And it's tax deductible!


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  1. Its going to be a great summer!
    brad is going to love it!
    Its great being a mommy and a daddy!


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