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Monday, March 26, 2012

A Craft Show and Potty Training

This has been a busy couple of weeks for the Pierce household! Friday the 16th was my dad's 59th birthday so we took him out to dinner at an Italian restaurant on the north side. We got done eating just in time for me to get called into work. Saturday we did yard work all day, then Sunday the 18th we attended a cookout in Blanchard for my nephew Cameron. Brad had a lot of fun running around outside with the big kids, and we ate a lot of great food.

Last week I worked 6 days totaling about 50 hours, then did an all-day craft show here in Norman on Saturday! The show went great and I made a lot of good sells. My mom came along to be my helper and company for the day and we enjoyed watching all of the customers and visiting with our friends who came to see us! My booth is always decorated in aqua/black, and I also wear those colors to coordinate....so I brought my aqua nail polish and did this during the slow times!

Yesterday we went to a friend's birthday party in Shawnee and Brad got to run around with some more kiddos around his age. Today we've been doing a ton of yard work and getting the closets ready for summer. It is STILL in the 80s here, and will stay that way the rest of week :(

This week I am only working two days so I decided to buckle down on potty training the little one! I did some reading on the internet for tips and talked to friends who have been thru this recently for advice. I started with supplies: potty seat for upstairs AND downstairs, gummy bears for reward, and big boy undies!

I got the potty seat that goes over the regular toilet b/c I don't like the idea of cleaning out a nasty bucket, and so we don't have to transition from the bucket to the big potty. I just need to get him a little stepstool now!

Yesterday when I got him up I put him on the potty then took out a pair of undies and explained to him that these are NOT diapers, they are big-boy undies and that he needs to peepee in the potty! From then on I just kept him in a shirt and undies and put him on the potty about every 30-45min. He didn't have an accident until around 1pm and we were about to head out of town anyways so he got a diaper for the trip.

Today we did the same thing but he has been quicker to pee when sitting on the potty. He even went outside without a diaper (he had pants on) while we did yardwork and didn't have an accident! I did take him in a couple times and he peed as soon as I sat him down. He only had one accident this morning but finished when I put him on the toilet.

In the past he would occasionally tell us when he needed to go, but he hasn't been doing that lately. Hopefully he will just get used to going in the potty and tell us when he gets the urge. My goal right now is to get him to the point of wearing undies all day except for nap time and bed time. Wish us luck!


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  1. Very good potty progress!!!! Just time and patience is all it takes.

    When we took Scott in for his 2 year visit and discussed potty training with the pediatrician-she suggested he have a step stool where he can put his feet flat on while sitting on the potty. Apparently when training to go #2 they need to be able to press their feet onto something since they can't reach the floor.

    With Scott he learned pee potty-ing the easiest. It was the #2 that was difficult. BUT the benefits are well worth it! Haven't bought diapers for him in about a year! SOO nice to the pocket book! Good Luck with potty training your little man is doing great!!!!


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