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Monday, December 26, 2011

My 2 1/2 Year Old (and Christmas)

It is here, Bradley's 2 1/2 year post! I refuse to call it "30 months". When he hit 1 we quit counting months!

Weight: 26lbs
Height: 35 1/2"

As you can see, I had a fun time trying to get him to stand still and look at me. He seems to be getting better though! I would have bribed him with candy but it was right before bed time. Now for his milestones!
At 2 1/2 years old you...
  • have almost outgrown size 5 shoe
  • wear size 4-5 diaper
  • wear 2T clothes
  • have 20 teeth
  • are using toothpaste now (and getting better at spitting it out)
  • know tons of words and better at communicating
  • can say 3-4 word sentences
  • can identify many things/animals correctly
  • sleep from about 8pm-9am
  • take one nap from around 1pm-4pm
  • absolutely love anything sweet or chocolatey
  • have become slightly picky but still eat almost everything we do
  • drink milk and ovaltine every morning, then 50/50 water juice the rest of the day
  • know how to ride your tricycle with a little help
  • recently starting saying "I yuv you"
  • sometimes ask for your paci (but you don't get it)
  • love to play outside and take walks
  • like to sit on the counter and watch me cook
  • love watching the Incredible Hulk
  • use a spoon easily and getting better with a fork
  • sit at the table like a big boy for meal times
  • tell us when you pooped (but only after the fact...)
  • sit in the grocery cart and say HI to everyone you see
We had a wonderful and busy Christmas weekend and spent time with lots of family. I had to work Saturday afternoon, but we spent the evening at home and Nick's family came over to share our tradition of Arby's roast beef sandwiches on Christmas Eve. We exchanged gifts with them and had a good visit.

Christmas morning we all got up early and headed over to my mom's house for our annual Christmas breakfast of biscuits and sausage gravy. We came home for a couple hours, I cooked several things after we opened our presents, then we headed back to her house for a chili and baked potato lunch. We got home from that around 2pm and after I threw the turkey in the oven we all took a nap!

I cooked the rest of my big dinner and had 10 people over to our house for a traditional turkey dinner around 5pm. We saw some family we hadn't seen in a long time and had a great evening catching up and exchanging presents by a roaring fire.

^watching cartoons Christmas morning over my shoulder

I worked most of today but after I got home we all went to the store and picked up Brad's last Christmas present--a beautiful red betta! It is his first pet!

We put the fishbowl in his room and *hopefully* he learns how to feed it correctly and doesn't mess with it too much. Just ignore the tape and scissors....we've been having diaper issues.

I have a few more orders to fill and after that I MUST catch up on scrapbooking! I have all of the photos developed and organized. I just have to sit down and get started.

One thing I am pretty excited about is a "project" Nick and I are going to do together starting January 1--a juice fast! My juicer is supposed to arrive this Friday and we are aiming for 10 days. I plan on documenting the whole thing on here so keep an eye out for that!!


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