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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Where Were You on 11-11-11?

I worked an early shift yesterday so that I could make it to a friend's birthday party in Shawnee. He is also a veteran so it was a double celebration! Brad went with me, but Nick couldn't make it because he was at a wedding rehearsal that he is Best Man in.

My MIL and SIL watched Brad until I could get home from work. They got him a BK happy meal and this is him enjoying his toy before we left for Shawnee...

My friends had rented a paintless-paintball setup and an inflatable gladiator game so the adults had a blast with those! The paintball was crazy--we all came out with more than a few wounds but it was worth it! They also had a bunch of good food, and I stayed late afterwards to help them clean up and get the babies ready for bed. As you can see, Brad passed out on our way home!

Nick left early this morning to do prewedding pictures and we joined him at the church at 11am for the ceremony. Here is Brad being good before we had to leave the auditorium when he started fussing....

We rejoined them for the reception and enjoyed some food and chat at a table with mutual friends. I don't get to see my hubby all fixed up very often!

Here is the bride and groom:

...and here is Nick and his longtime friend Brian. They have the same birthday (one year apart) and have been close friends for over 15 years. When Nick and I started dating we spent a lot of time all hanging out so even I have known him for almost 10 years!

Brian is also an avid guitar player so of course the groom's cake had a picture of one on it!

After the wedding I went to my mom's where both of my brothers were and Brad had fun playing his cousins for a bit. I plan to relax and enjoy the rest of my weekend!


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