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Friday, September 16, 2011

A Special Post

Yes this is my 300th post! I just wanted to get on here briefly and bring all of my readers' attention to the sad disease of Alzheimers.

My grandfather Joseph Lazzaro suffered his last years becoming more and more debilitated by Alzheimers, eventually ending in his death several years ago. He was incoherent, couldn't talk, couldn't stand or walk, and couldn't feed himself or take a drink.

Nick's grandmother Ella White was also stricken with the disease and was bedridden for many years before she passed away. She had to be fed, changed, and repositioned by family caretakers the last 4 years of her life with only an occasional moment of clarity and speech.

Please click here and donate ANY amount toward the research for this devastating disease and a cure. Nick, Brad, and I are participating in a charity walk on Saturday morning in OKC as part of our support for this organization. Every little bit helps!!


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