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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sew Busy!

My schedule has been all wacky this month because of the birthdays and outings that I'm booked up with! I somehow made myself work 5 shifts in a row last weekend...that was fun. If they are only 8 hours, that is one thing. But try doing 10-13 hour shifts five days in a row. I was blessed today and got cancelled by my day job. I am on-call tonight, but so far so good! Just a few more days and we will be headed out to a river cabin for our double family vacay!

My friend Rachel's baby girl Jet is turning ONE tomorrow and her big birthday party is Friday evening. I had to sew her up a special outfit because she will become a big sister next month to baby girl Tinley!

First I appliqued/embroidered a 12month onesie...

Then made an adorable elastic-waisted skirt trimmed with lace!

And the neat thing is that the polka dot fabric is from my stepdad's late mother Wanda's fabric stash from the 60s-70s! So these are true vintage!

I had my dad over for dinner tonight and cooked stuffed bacon-wrapped chicken breast and parmigiano risotto--yes, all from scratch! I had boiled a dozen eggs earlier in the day so while the chicken was baking and the risotto was simmering, I made a big batch of egg salad for the weekend! I even used my own HOMEMADE pickles. Did I mention I made a batch of my own pickles?? They turned out so delicious. I wasn't sure what flavor they would end up being because I just kind of made up my own recipe, but I would call them bread and butter. Yum!

After we ate dinner, my dad took me shopping at a few places to pick out my birthday present that I requested--a digital waterproof 24hr watch to wear to work. I found a cute turquoise one and I will get it Saturday!

While we were out, of course I found a few things I couldn't live without...

The sunglasses I needed before our river trip so I could protect my eyes in style, and the guitar necklace is a tribute to my rockin' hubby that plays guitar!!

Hopefully I can squeeze in some pics of my party {that Nick is planning} on Saturday and blog once more before we leave for our summer vacation!


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  1. you crack me up! The guitar necklace is darling. Those sunglasses...doesn't look like your style...but, again, what do I know!! ha You did a fab job on Jet's b/d gift. I'm sure Wanda would be tickled pink if she knew you were using her fabric to make cute things....you have a super busy month, it looks like. I have to shop for 2 girls today....hmmm♥


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