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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Henry Overholser Mansion

This is what I saw today!

Isn't it the most gorgeous house?? I got a Groupon 2-for-1 admission on a tour several months back that expires on June 6. So I grabbed my mom up and we went there today to check it out.

Here is a snippet from their website:

Walking through the hallways of the Overholser Mansion one journeys back in time experiencing first hand life as the Overholser family did over one hundred years ago. This 1903 three-story Chateauesque home replete with original furnishings, hand-painted canvas walls, stained glass windows and lavish fixtures, the Overholser Mansion stands as a tribute to one of Oklahoma City's truly remarkable families. The 11,000+ square foot home provides a unique experience to all who visit. Nestled in the beautiful historic Heritage Hills neighborhood, we invite you to tour one of Oklahoma City's top tourist attractions.


Because of construction downtown, we got there around 2:45pm. We thought the tours ended at 3pm, but evidently the last one was at 2pm. It looked like no one was home, so we started walking all around the grounds trying to look in the windows and see the outside. When we were about to leave, 2 people came out of the front door! Long story short, it was the tour director (who also lives on the grounds and is in charge of all maintenance and decorating) and she gave us a private tour! She said they only get about 3 tours a week so she was happy to show us.

It was so beautiful to see the vintage furnishings and to try and picture what it would have been like to live in such an opulent setting in that time. We really enjoyed ourselves, and she invited us to come back later on for a more detailed tour on the house!

Last night Nick and I went on a date! We took Brad to his hourly daycare and went down the street to Alfredo's Mexican restaurant. It was very good! I was impressed with the looks, the service, and the food. Prices are nice also! I'm sure we will be returning. Now if we could just find another good Chinese place closer to us...


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  1. Gorgeous pics! You beat me to it! Your pics turned out crystal clear! Wonder how mine will be....


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