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Saturday, June 11, 2011

1/4 Century Old

Yes today is my 25th birthday!! It's funny how when you are a kid, your birthday is all you can think about and it is almost better than Christmas! But when you grow up, it is just like another day and you enjoy spending it with friends and family.

My dear husband went out of his way today to plan me a party! He made a menu, cooked the food, invited the people, decorated the house, and bought/wrapped my presents. He even built us a new computer today after our old one finally bit the dust. He is the best! We had a great afternoon with our family, then a nice dinner out this evening. I am so thankful for everything!

Yesterday we took Brad to his friend Jet's 1st birthday in Shawnee. They grilled out burgers and hotdogs, plus there were lots of sides and desserts. There were several other babies there, but they were all girls and were all much younger than Brad. He did very good though! He was careful around the crawling babies, and mostly walked from person to person being cute. We stayed awhile past dark playing bean bag toss outside and talking with our friends. Next week we all go to the river together!

In other news, we also got our fancy new pool filter yesterday! It is much bigger than our old one, and hopefully more efficient. It came with a new valve thing and lots of instructions on how to do it. Nick is tackling that tomorrow so HOPEFULLY we can get our pool semi-clear by next weekend! This heat is killing me.

I wanted to do a little summary of goals I have reached in my 25 years....the next big one is 30!
  • College degree in Nursing
  • Happily married for 8 1/2 years now
  • Momma to a precious little boy
  • NO credit card debt
  • Growing 401k
  • Growing savings account
  • Both cars are PAID off
  • In good health and active
  • Worked at same place for 5 years now
  • Own my own house
  • Went to Italy
Some goals of mine for the next 5 years to aim for:
  • Move out of Oklahoma
  • Have another child
  • Visit 3 more countries
  • Do something big for our 10th anniversary!


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