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Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Great Family Easter!

Another wonderful holiday memory made with my family! After a rough shift last night that ended unexpectedly, I was greeted with thunderstorms that rumbled a bit too loudly for me to sleep. Nick got me up after Brad went down for his nap and helped me finish up the food to take to my mom's for Easter dinner.

Both of my brothers were there plus kids and tons of food! We went a little nontraditional this year and had BBQ brisket, mac/cheese, mashed potatoes/gravy, carrots, baked beans, rolls, corn casserole, deviled eggs, relish tray...and of course desserts! All of the food was so good and we had a wonderful time just being with our loved ones.

After we all got done eating and chatting, the kiddos stepped out of the room so that the men could hide the eggs inside (we are finally getting rain!). Each kid got to find 12 eggs that were stuffed with goodies!

Brad picked up very quickly on putting the eggs in his basket, then got distracted when he realized that they opened up and had treats inside!

He loves chocolate just like his daddy! Don't worry, we hardly ever let him eat a bunch of sweets. But this is a special occasion so we let him enjoy it today!

He didn't get much sleep today either because of the thunder, so after all of the festivities he was pretty tired! He passed out on our way home, then went to bed shortly after we got there. I haven't been able to put my little baby to bed in several days with all of the stuff I have been doing, so I snuggled him extra good and covered him in kisses before tucking him in.

I work the next couple of days at my second job, then me and friend are planning a dual family trip to the zoo on Thursday! We wanted to go last week but the day we planned on ended up being too chilly for the kids to be outside. Brad was almost 1 the last time he was at the zoo so he was still a bit young to run around and enjoy the animals. I think this time he will like it and have a blast!


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  1. Cute pics! So glad everybody had a wonderful time today....thank you SO much for helping out with the food. Your corn casserole was delish and so were the deviled eggs! muah


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