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Thursday, April 21, 2011


Before I whipped out my box of dye I decided to take some pictures for those out there who doubt my gray hairs and scoff in disbelief every time I say I have them...for those who think I have no reason to color my hair and that I do it just for fun...here you go!

Feel free to click each one to enlarge it...

If you have seen any pictures of my dad, you know he has a head full of white hair. Thanks for the genes dad! I have been coloring them since I was 16--coincidentally that is also when I got married. No relation, I'm sure. Sometimes I go more auburn, sometimes I go darker brown...but I mostly stay in the same relative shade. My eyebrows are dark so if I go too dark or red it looks funny and mismatched. Believe me, if I didn't HAVE to color to keep from looking creepy, I wouldn't! I'm sure when it gets to be too much I will just let them take over. Why can't they grow in a cool trendy streak or something?

I let my little man take a shower with me the other day and when we got done he became very upset that I wouldn't let him keep playing in the tub. So he literally sat there for another 10 minutes repeatedly pouring water on himself and laughing at it. I had to coax him out with a snack to keep him from getting upset! What a mess! I had to call his daddy in there to see it, and of course take a video.

Speaking of his daddy...we had some pictures made in a park yesterday! My friend Jennifer that I used to work with was in town and offered to take some pictures of us. Brad was a bit less than cooperative but we worked through it and they turned out wonderful. I will post them in the next blog!


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  1. LOL...first of all, I love the little yellow star!!! You crack me up!!! Loved your blog....canNOT believe how much grey YOU have!! I think you may have me beat! Seriously! Oh dear. Oh dear. Glad you finally had time to dye your hair. My turn now. Loved the short video of Brad. He's just so precious! Glad he loves his baths/showers! Yea, I have to use treats/snacks to get G to do things too....lol ♥


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