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Thursday, March 10, 2011


This week has been crazy busy! Do you recall when I interviewed at another hospital last week? Well by the weekend I still hadn't heard anything, so when Monday came and went I just figured it wasn't meant to be. But when I headed over to my mom's house Monday night for our weekly shebang, Nick called that evening and said that a woman from HR had called about my interview and for me to call her back!

After a couple days of phone tag I finally got in touch with her and evidently I got the job! I went up there Wednesday to sign a million papers, do drug test, get blood drawn, etc. If everything comes in by Friday then I can go to orientation on Monday...but if not then I think they said the next orientation is the middle of next month. I'd rather get it out of the way now but they are the ones who took their time calling me, so we'll see!

I think this will be a really good {and easy} job to have on the side, and the extra money will go right into savings! The new job pays as much per hour as overtime at my old job! Yes I am keeping both jobs--I'm not quitting OU. It will also look fabulous on my resume ;)

Nick got a call from his *potential* government job on Monday confirming some details for his security clearance. We are still praying it turns out to be the real thing next month! He is still substitute teaching at a Christian school down the street in his free time, plus of course watching little man when I am out!

Speaking of little man, we signed him up for an awesome looking hourly daycare this week! It is just a few miles from us, and we were very impressed with the quality and setup. It is a drop in/out daycare (or "playcare" as they call it) that charges by the hour. All staff have clean backgrounds and are CPR certified. There are usually only a few kids there at one time, and there are different play areas for the different age groups. The baby room is set up with cribs and a diaper changing area, and they turn the lights down for napping babies. There are TVs with cartoons, and several play areas with tons of toys. I think he will love it!

I had thought about signing him up for MDO somewhere, but it was a bit overwhelming to figure out where. This new place will work out perfectly for when we want to just have a date night or if something unexpected comes up. It is also just in time to have available for when Nick and I start our new jobs! We definitely did not want a traditional daycare for him. Most of them have a ton of rowdy kids, and you have to pay for so many hours per week whether you need that much or not (for those who have to pay...).

In other news...my seeds are starting to sprout! The salad sprouts came up first, and now the marigolds are showing. I have been cranking out several ADORABLE bunny-eared hats for my craft show, and finished up a custom newborn hat today for photography. This Saturday we are going to a reunion for our old church, and Sunday I am *planning* on having a big garage sale at my house. Then we've got more birthdays, parties, a craft show....

Time for me to go take a nap!


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