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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Today was supposed to be my "Monday" where I go back to work the next three nights...but that all changed when I got a call from them asking if I wanted to be furloughed tonight! Um, sure! Tonight was an extra shift for me anywho, plus I can use my vacation time and still get paid. Everybody wins!

Thinking that I was going to be busy for a few days, we used today to really enjoy the weather! Once again, it's in the 70s here. Our old TV finally gave up the ghost--yes it was one of the mammoth old ones--so after breakfast this morning we all three headed out the store and got one of them newfangled flat screen LCD TVs! It's nothing fancy or pretentious--just your basic TV so that Brad can watch his cartoons and we can watch our Netflix movies. It is a few inches bigger than our other one, and the picture is really nice. I guess this will be our "splurge" buy with our tax return!

When we got done at the store, we ran home to unload the car then picked up a smorgasbord of KFC goodness and went to the park! We were the only ones there, and the food was so delish. Brad loved it too of course, and he ate a ton! After we all got full, we bagged up the leftovers then let our little one play on the slides (his new fave at the playground) for a bit before heading home for naptime.

I laid down for a nap too since I thought I was going to work, but right when I woke up they called to cancel me! I usually don't volunteer to stay home, but every once in awhile it's a nice surprise.

Coincidentally, tonight was also a coworker's birthday party at 7pm! We fixed ourselves up then headed into the city so my mom could watch Brad while we went to see my friend. It was a fun little shindig and I talked with the girls while Nick talked with the man of the house about guy stuff. Before we knew it, it was almost 9pm and we headed back to my mom's. Brad loved spending some time with them and was all tuckered out for bed when we got home.

I cherish this kinds of days with my family of three! There is nothing like it.

Happiness can not be "flaunted";
true happiness deserves to be shouted
from the highest mountaintop for all to hear.
Only those with bitterness in their heart
will try to make it seem malicious.
May God heal their soul.


  1. Dang I thought you were going to say you found out you were expecting with out even trying!!!

  2. I totally thought the same thing!!! :) but an "unexpected" day off is a blessing just the same!!


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