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Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Cookout and a Craft Show

I know I haven't posted in over a week--believe me, I wish I had the time to! I have worked about 50 hours each of the last two weeks, and will again next week. My Spring craft show was today and it went great! But first, here are some cute pics of Brad enjoying the great outdoors!

Yesterday a coworker had a big cookout/gender reveal party at her acreage in Shawnee. There were lots of people and lots of great food. She has horses, cows, and goats that we all got to see and pet. Brad loved it, and we couldn't have asked for better weather!

I guess Brad thought since the goats were liking the oats so much that he should take a bite! It didn't turn out so well....

We all had a great time and stayed until dark. It was so nice to spend a good evening with my two boys and good friends!

Now for the craft show! This was my 5th show, and second at this venue. I love this venue and will definitely be signing up for more to come! Mumsy and I got there early this morning and set our booth up beautifully.

^These are the bunny hats that I've been making, and they went like hotcakes at the show! I also sold several pair of cloth baby shoes, and of course the other hats and coasters were a hit.

As always, we enjoy browsing the other booths before the show starts. I can't believe how many booths have the same thing! Bows, jewelry, shirts, and purses are everywhere! I'm glad I have found a niche that hardly any other vendor does. And the prices...wow! Let's just say that I keep my prices low because I know I wouldn't pay how much some people are asking for their stuff! I just do these for fun, and because it's nice to see other people like your stuff. My next shows will be in the fall.

Right now I'm gearing up for another long work week, and looking forward to our New York trip coming up!

****PS**** Did I mention that just THREE months from today my little one will be 2?? Here he is one year ago....


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  1. Craft show pics turned out great! I was very happy with how our table turned out! Are we retired yet from craft shows????!!!!


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