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Monday, March 7, 2011

Cooking and Crocheting

Yesterday I spent the morning with my dad helping him remember how to make our family spaghetti sauce! He hasn't made it in many years, and now that I have mastered it I knew it was time for a refresher course! We had a good time together cooking, talking, and drinking coffee at his house. Man did that sauce smell good! I took some home for us and we all ate it for lunch. Yum!

Later on last night Nick and I played one our favorite games outside--badminton! Our culdesac is perfect for it and Brad gets such a kick out of picking up the birdie when it flies off to the side. Nick gets upset because my little angel always brings it to me!! After I put Brad to bed I proceeded in making us some delicious treats--homemade donuts!

I lost my makeshift "hole puncher" so I had to get creative, but they still tasted so good!

I coated some with powdered sugar, and some with sugar/cinnamon. Yes there were even donut holes!

My 5th craft show is coming up in just 3 short weeks so I have been staying busy crafting away. Throughout my previous shows I have learned what sells good so I am trying to make more of that. I try to stay away from making things that 20 other booths will already have! One of my best-sellers is crocheted hats of all sizes. Since Easter is coming up, I am adding this one to my inventory! (Click the link on the top right ---> for my craft store to place an order)

That's it for now! Tonight is weekly girls night at my mom's house, and we have lots to do!


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  1. Wasn't this evening crazy and fun?! We got soooo much done! Thank you for all you brought and did to help me out. You're the BEST there is!!!!


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