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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Fresh Face!

Happy March 1st everyone! Notice anything different? Just a few things...title, layout, colors, signature...basically a much-needed facelift for my little blog here. The notorious poll for my new blog name had an OBVIOUS winner--by 68% in fact--so here you have it! I hope it's not too big of a change, and easy to get used to! I think it matches our life as a family of three much better.

Now for some pictures! Here are a couple of hats I made recently for my upcoming craft show this month:

A week or so ago we took burgers over to my dad's house then hung outside playing badminton and walking around his field.

And here is my little angel acting like a big boy and sitting at the table! About a month ago we moved his highchair up to the end of the dining table so that we could start having family mealtime together! He loves sitting closer to us, and we all know how important eating together as a family is these days. Too many people just scarf their food down in front of the TV without spending quality time together.

Before we know it, we will be asking him how his day at school was!

Remember the seeds I spoke of? Well before I could plant them I {had} to make cute labels for the pods! Here is all of my stuff ready to be planted:

They are now happily planted and outside enjoying the warm weather. Don't worry--I bring them in when it gets below freezing ;) I can't wait to start seeing sprouts! I don't have a very good history with plants so wish me luck.

Time for me to go snuggle with my love while we read our nightly chapter aloud. We are currently reading "Hannibal" and love this special time together! It's our 3rd book so far that we are reading to each other and it's a great way to wind down after a busy day. Tomorrow is my interview so I need my beauty sleep!


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  1. Your new blog layout and title is ooh la la-ness deluxe!!! I'm glad the 3 p's in a pod won! I love the peas next to your name! so cute! Ok, I think it's time for a revamp on mine now. Just a background change for me. Call me about the results of your interview♥


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