This blog was started in 2008 when we did IVF for the first time to build our family after 5 1/2 years of infertility. We now have 8 and 2 year old boys (thanks to modern medicine) and we are enjoying our blessed life as parents ♥ In the summer of 2016 we took another huge step and moved across the country from Oklahoma to New York! This blog is about life and everything in between

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jobs, Straws, and Babies!

Have you been enjoying your last week of February? We have! Our weather is so crazy that it is hard to know what to expect. One day it's hot and we can go to the park and open the windows. Then the next day it's cold and we are dressed in sweaters and stay inside. But regardless, we have had a few accomplishments this week!

I finally got my seeds planted in their portable little pods. I remembered the two flowers--marigolds and morning glory! I definitely do not have a green thumb, so I am very curious to see how and if these little plants turn out! I have always wanted a little herb garden, but none of my windows get good sun so I hadn't tried one yet.

In other news about me...I talked to a coworker about a side job she recently got at a local hospital and long story short--her manager called me to set up an interview for next week! Basically I would be picking up extra shifts there instead of at OU and be getting over $10 more per hour! It has been many years since I have been to an interview, so I'm a bit nervous!

Hubby has had a few more phone calls from his potential job so we are still praying that it will be all they promise. It sounds like he has the position, there is just a lot of paperwork and security clearance that he has to take care of. The job isn't supposed to start until April, so I will feel better when he signs a W-4 and has a start date! He is still searching just in case.

As for Brad--he learned something new on Thursday! We were at my nephew's 7th birthday party at a pizza place. My mom was holding Brad while we were getting ready to leave. I let him hold my cup and chew on the straw. I was watching him and started to see liquid come up in the straw, then up and up and--he drank from the straw! We have tried several times in the past to teach him that but he just didn't get it and would end up getting VERY frustrated. I was so proud of my little one! I called Nick over so that he could see it too.

I just have to mention a conversation that has stuck with me this week; the three of us were sitting at the dining table eating lunch and Brad was smiling at us while he ate his food. We were done already and were just watching him be cute. Then Nick turned to me and said, "After we get moved and settled, I want us to start working on number two." I smiled real big and gave him a kiss! After all that we went through with infertility, then the stress of IVF, then the craziness of delivery, hormones, and having a newborn....he didn't know if he wanted to go thru that again. And honestly--I was positive I didn't either! That is, until we found our routine and the hormones got back under control...I finally started considering another one when Brad was almost a year old. But after all of the love and bonding that has grown bigger with Brad every passing day--how amazing would that be to do it all again?? Plus, I absolutely ADORED being pregnant. Sign me up!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Busy Bees

There is a buzz in the air; I'm not sure if it is the impending Spring season, the warmer weather, or the big things that are happening soon! My little family has been enjoying our time together by either just hanging out in our PJs all day, or all three getting out and having a picnic in the park. We love seeing the joy on my little man's face when we put him in the swing and push him back and forth--he loves it!

Last week I got some business taken care of that needed to be marked off my list like taxes and dental appointments. I'm not completely sure how we are going to use our return, but definitely part of it is allotted toward refreshing our back patio deck. Of course most will go into savings, and the rest will probably be put toward my car. I intend on getting it paid off this year!

This week is already filling up too! Later today we are all going to my dad's so Nick can help him work on his car. A part on my car was recalled so I have to take it Tuesday into the dealer to be replaced. I am going to take my mom to her orthopedic appointment Wednesday to find out what the plan is for her knee. Then Thursday we may be going to the zoo with some friends! Somewhere in the middle of all this I have to find time to sit and spend hours on the computer doing tests to get recertified for my ACLS (advanced cardiac life support). But the main thing I am looking forward to this week is sowing!

No, not sewing but SOWING seeds! I recently bought several veggies, herbs, and flower seed packets to try out this Spring. If I remember them correctly, the veggies are: onions, Italian salad blend, and large cherry tomatoes. The herbs are: rosemary, oregano, and sweet basil. The flowers are: marigold and something else, I can't remember. I also bought these nifty little biodegradable seed starter slot trays that you plant the seeds directly in before frost, then when it's warm enough you just break off the tray slot and plant the whole thing in the ground! I have wanted an herb garden for awhile, but really none of my windows get good sun. Hopefully these grow well!

My mother had a great birthday last Thursday! I had a big cookout at a local park that evening for my whole family. We all had a blast enjoying the fresh air and eating yummy burgers and hot dogs while the kids all ran around playing. My stepdad's birthday is coming up soon, as is my nephew's. Before I know it, June will be here and my little baby will turn TWO! I better get started on planning his bash!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Making Plans

It's what I love--the only thing better is actually doing them! Yes ladies and gentlemen, our trip to New York is OFFICIALLY booked! I got my FREE flight vouchers in the mail a couple of weeks ago, and after a long phone conversation we reserved a flight for the beginning of April. I really wanted to go next month but with these vouchers we could only book when they had dates "available". Since we have to make our schedule out for 2 months in advance at work, that is a little hard! I have until Feb. 28 to confirm the reservation, and then we will be on our way!

I checked out my rewards that are available with one of my credit cards, and we will be getting our rental car for FREE with them! Basically what we are doing is flying into Buffalo, then renting a car there and taking a roadtrip through the suburbs up to Niagara and checking out the little towns that I've been doing research on for the last 3 years. We decided that since we will already be there, we are going to go ahead and check out Niagara Falls! Nothing detailed, just a stop and look around. We will save the BIG trip for when we move there ;)

We are both very excited! Going there to check it out will be our first "real" action toward moving out of state. I can research on the computer all day long, but there is no commitment there. But actually spending time and money to go look at it? That's for real! We have talked about how we hope we aren't "disappointed" when we get there, but honestly--how could it be worse than where we live now? I mean, they have historic neighborhoods, Victorian houses, mountains, 2 Great Lakes, Niagara Falls, Canada.....need I go on? And they DON'T have tornadoes, or grassfires, or bipolar weather patterns, or dust storms, or one of the highest obesity rates/teen pregnancy rates/uninsured driver rates.

We want pretty scenery, 4 seasons, different culture, and limitless new places to see and experience! We are on our way there. And for all of the naysayers out there...what's the worse that could happen? We don't like it and we move back? Wow! Stop the press! And don't worry--we are aware that they get snow.

In other news, I spent the end of my Valentine's Day with my dear mumsy in the ER. Her docs are still speculating why her left knee is almost immobile. I took her to get an MRI last night, so hopefully it points them in the right direction!

We have all been enjoying our crazy Oklahoma weather--this whole week has been in the 70s! We have been taking our little man to the park down the street and he loves it! He has recently taking a liking to the slides. It is just SO adorable to watch him interact with other children there and play with them.

I got him a big boy toothbrush to replace his little rubber baby one, and we have been working on teaching him how to use it. He is the cutest thing! He looks like such a big boy.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Things I Love About...

...My Husband:

  • it was love at first sight when I met him 13 years ago

  • how we share memories of things we've done and places we've been

  • watching him be a daddy to our little boy

  • how he knows everything about old cars and rebuilt his '50 Chevy in only 2 months by himself

  • that we both love watching cheesy B movies

  • when we get to sneak off on a date night

  • we are each other's best friends

  • I know I can trust him no matter what

  • listening to him play me a song on his guitar

  • his blue eyes

  • our funny pet names for each other

  • how he always pumps the gas for me
  • that he is my first love, and my only love!

...My Son:

  • that fact that he is here, and mine!

  • how he looks like the perfect combination of me and Nick

  • watching him grow and learn new things everyday

  • when he holds his hands out for me to pick him up

  • hearing his laugh

  • when he smiles real big just to get me to smile

  • that he has always been a good sleeper

  • creating traditions that he will grow up remembering

...My Life:

  • how God has blessed me with not only a soulmate, but a child too!

  • making big life plans and actually seeing them come to pass

  • looking back through old scrapbooks and remembering things I had forgotten

  • that I am proud to be an old fashioned kind of girl

  • how I'm confident in who I am and what I want

  • that I am very close to my parents

  • the hobbies I love to do result in products that others can enjoy

  • closing my eyes and remembering the amazing places I've been to

  • looking forward to what adventures are before me

I hope everyone who celebrates Valentine's Day is having a good time with their special someone! My love and I have been together for basically 10 of the 13 years we have known each other, and married for over 8 of those! I am thankful everyday that I found him and kept him despite many naysayers of our young love! Very rarely does a true love story persevere in this day and age where so many see divorce as a solution or convenience. Together we have overcome unmentionable trials, both in our personal life and in our family life. We have truly grown stronger in our many years together, and daily talk of our plans for the future! Now that we have our very own little boy to raise together, we have a new tie that binds us and we couldn't be happier.

To end with, I heard a quote on a commercial that I felt was very applicable; Valentine's Day is not for saying "I love you", but for saying "I love US".


Friday, February 11, 2011

Fave Pics From the Week

Whenever daddy plays around on the piano, our little man just has to get up there too!

And sometimes he swipes daddy's glasses and runs around!

We got another lovely snow this week, so of course we all three had to go out and play in it! It is so cute how Brad doesn't seem to be bothered by the cold wind and snow. I just bundle him up in some mittens and a crocheted hat and he is good to go! Here are our shoes drying by the fire...

After Brad went to bed, I snuck outside and grabbed a bowl of fresh snow to make snow ice cream for the first time!

Yesterday we met my dad, brother, and sister-in-law at a Mexican restaurant in Newcastle for dinner. Brad LOVED the black beans, rice, and enchiladas! He is such a good little eater. The couple sitting at the table next to us even joined in the boys conversation about cars!

After that, we headed back to my dad's house in Tuttle so that I could help him install the pair of custom valances I had just finished making for him! He recently got a new living room set and he hired me to fashion some fancy window fixin's.

I measured them meticulously the whole time to make sure they were an even length--and boy were they long! Each one was 139" wide, and I made two of them for each of his patio doors! He loved how they turned out, and he is already thinking of our next project.

I have greatly enjoyed my week at home--there's no place I'd rather be than with my two boys! I work this weekend, so Brad gets some one-on-one time with his daddy!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Being Momma

I'm sure all mothers think everything their child does is cute, so I don't feel bad! Yesterday my little one busied himself playing with my hair clips in the bathroom while I was getting ready...

Who needs toys?? It is so amazing to watch him grow everyday, to learn how to use things and how things work. I see him studying lids and such, and he learns how to unscrew them or open them, then put them back on. It is hard to believe that in just a couple of years he will be starting school and bringing homework home, and little pictures he has drawn. I can't wait!

Nick and I remember everyday how blessed we are to have Bradley here with us. We went through so much pain, suffering, waiting, and interventions to get him here but it was worth every dime spent, and every tear shed! With male infertility we are completely out of control, unlike most female problems that can be remedied with pills, injections, or weight loss. We just had to trust God that IVF was our hope, and pray that we were blessed. We are already talking about #2, and--dare I say--I am feeling the twangs of baby fever creeping up again!

Thankfully since we already know what our "problem" is, we won't have to waste years trying to find out! We can get straight down to business, and plan accordingly. If it is in God's plan for Brad to have siblings then we will look forward to being doubly blessed!

In other news...I don't want to prematurely break news but BOTH Nick and I have prospective job opportunities that we are waiting to hear more on. Mine would of course be a moonlighting job in addition to my part-time job now. It would greatly help us with our goal this year of paying off debt and saving up to move! Keep us in your prayers.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Enjoying the Winter Wonderland

When we woke up this morning, it was snowing! It proceeded to snow off and on all day, and we couldn't just stay inside and miss out. After feeding Brad breakfast, we all headed out on a journey to find a sled (and snow shovel). First, we went to Walmart b/c we needed some groceries too. Yeah, they were out of sleds....as were Lowes, Dollar General, Atwoods, and Home Depot. That figures! But we were bound and determined to slide down a hill!

I came up with plan B, which involved Brad's baby pool. We all bundled up, I grabbed the camera, and we headed to the nearest hill for some makeshift sledding! Nick tried first...

...but the snow was too deep on this side of the hill so he didn't get very far! We walked over to the other side, and I tried next with more success. After a couple of runs, there was a nice slick path to follow, so I took Brad along with me!

Little B was getting tired b/c it was his nap time, so daddy took him down a few times then we headed home.

On the way home, we saw some people stuck on a side street. Hubby got out and helped while I put on my flashers and watched. He's such a nice guy!

Later that evening I went to my mom's house in the city and dragged her out of the house to Hobby Lobby. I stayed just long enough to have some coffee and snacks because it was snowing pretty hard and getting dark. I got home just in time to see little boy before he went to bed, and I worked on shoveling the driveway a bit. I just freaking love the snow!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Free at Last!

The hospital gods must have been smiling up on me because shortly after my last blog, I was able to go home!! They released us at 7:45am this morning, and we ALL made a mad dash to clock out. I literally ran to my car while I was calling my hubby to tell him the good news.

The roads were still pretty slick in spots but I was fueled by adrenaline and determination, so I didn't have any trouble in my little car! I drove to my mom's first to load up on coffee, warmth, and say hello. Then I slid out of the driveway and hit the highway again to go home! Our culdesac was mucho thick with snow, so I pretty much used my momentum to throw myself onto the edge of our driveway and left my car there to come in. Nick dug it out later on and put it back into the garage before dark!

Here are some pics while it was snowing Tuesday morning at work--yes, I took my camera with me.

These were our "sleeping" accommodations for Tuesday. I didn't get the bed, my friend Erin did. I got the vinyl chair at the bottom of the picture. There was another coworker in there too on another recliner.

As soon as I got home, I jumped on Nick in bed and said I'm home!!! I was passed out within minutes, and made myself wake up around 3:30pm. I snuggled with my little man while Nick ventured out and grabbed a pizza for dinner. He took this pic of the mailman getting stuck in our culdesac:

After eating, Nick bundled up and went out to dig my car out of the street and put it into the garage. I surprised him by bundling me and Brad up and going out there with him! Brad seemed to love frolicking in the snow, and kept trying to pick it up and hand it to us! It was adorable to watch him try to climb in the snow drifts, then sink down when he stood up. We will probably go out again tomorrow during the day and play some more!

In the end, I am thankful my family was safe and warm during the blizzard, and I am SO thankful that I am finally home with them to enjoy it! We got a big fire going and all hung out in front of it tonight, and that is my favorite part of all ♥

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