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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Recipe Box Redo

Just wanted to share an idea that I tried out and really like! I saw somewhere a regular photo album that was turned into a recipe book. You just put the 4x6 recipe cards into the little slots and bingo! It already has the clear protector over, holds 200 cards, and you can put little notes in the memo area if needed.

Because I'm anal like that, I took it one step further and came up with several categories of food and used them to organize and alphabetize the order of recipes for easy finding. I am going to keep my eye out for more sturdy divider tabs.

My last touch was an index of my alphabetized categories at the front of the book! I didn't write it directly on the page because I pretty much almost completely filled up the book with my current recipes. If I get many more, I am going to get another book then redo one into a dessert book, and the other into a main dish/side book.

So far I am pretty happy with it! It is a lot easier and more visually appealing than flipping through an overstuffed recipe box. What do you think?


  1. Excellent idea! Nice job! You're going to be getting more and more recipes, so it's good that you've already decided about recipes to put in other recipe albums.....♥

  2. Your creativity inspires me! I love this idea. If your starting this now, just imagine all of the recipe books you will make down the road. Makes for a good heirloom gift for your family in the future. I know I treasure my grandmother's prized cookbook. :)

  3. thank you girls! these are recipes i've collected over the last 8 years since I got married, but every once in awhile i find a new one that speaks to me!


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