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Monday, January 31, 2011

The End of Another Month

Can you believe tomorrow is already February 1?? Time flies! I feel like January has been a pretty productive month for us, and I look forward to seeing what February holds in store. I usually have my taxes done by now, but they will get done soon enough! I at least have started them.

My lovely mother got me a Kitchenaid food processor for Christmas and I used it for the first time yesterday! I made a nice batch of hummus for my personal enjoyment. Hubby isn't a big fan of it, and he doesn't buy it when I tell him it's just bean dip! It was so much easier than MASHING the stupid beans by hand, let me tell you!

Here is a big pot of homemade chili that I cooked yesterday to warm us up...yum! Diced tomatoes, ground turkey, Mexican corn, light AND dark red kidney beans...

Now for the big news!! Do you recall the "colorful" blanket for Brad I have been working on? Well I finally finished it!

I used the "spike" stitch, and of course bright colors! I'm saving it for when I redecorate his room. Whenever we switch him to a toddler bed (yikes!) I am redoing his room from safari to robots!

I loved the graduating square pattern when I saw it in my crochet book, and I knew I had to tweak the pattern from a granny square to a blanket!

Otherwise, things in the Pierce household have been good. Brad has been a wee cranky for the last couple of weeks--I'm blaming it on either teething or growth spurt. He has been extra clingy and cuddly so I've been taking advantage of that and holding him a lot more. He did learn how to cough into his hand and blow his nose this week though!

As of today, hubby is going to join me in being a guinea pig for the Lynn Institute! He is signing papers to do a 14 week study. I like to think we are helping others out there who can benefit from the drugs we are testing ;)

Last night we got to go out on a double date with one of Nick's old friends and his new fiance! We all ate Chinese, then went to Ihop afterward for some coffee. I was very disappointed to find they don't have flavored creamers anymore! Anywho, Nick is going to be the best man at their wedding in November. It was a nice evening out of the house, and little B had a fun evening with his aunt Sarah!

Well Oklahoma is supposed to get another crazy blizzard tonight! I heart the snow and wish we could just get plain 'ol snowfall like everyone else, but I will take what I can get! I have to work tonight, so I am kind of expecting the dayshifters tomorrow morning to get in late. I'm sure I will have trouble sleeping so I just may stay up for awhile and we can all go out and play in the snow! Of course I will have pictures for you!


  1. Bradley's colorful blanket turned out so nice! He will cherish it forever probably like his Unc Shane did his! ha Yes, I too am very curious about the snow we're supposed to get....hmmm....we'll see! Glad you used your kitchen aid....I absolutely love mine! Take lots of snacks tonite, it's going to be a long night for you♥

  2. Love the blanket! it turned out great! When do you plan on transitioning Brad into a toddler bed? its so hard to believe its already approaching that milestone for him! My goodness how time flies!!!


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