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Friday, December 3, 2010

Prepping for the Holidays

Last night I threw my *first* Christmas party! It was very low-key and mostly for my work friends. A few were sick and unable to come, but those who did (hopefully) enjoyed themselves! We had a fire going, music playing, and of course yummy snacks on the table. I timed it so that Brad would already be in bed. For drinks I had punch, hot apple cider, mimosas, and champagne. I also hired my dear mumsy to help out as a "waitress" and she did a fab job at refilling our drinks, taking coats, and clearing dishes! After awhile she joined in the conversations and regaled us with stories of her own.

We had a good time just relaxing with friends and talking about each others lives, work, and family. Hopefully this leads to more get-togethers!

I recently got an order for 3 hats, and here is one of them:

I am just waiting on the customer to email me with a pickup date. For those who don't know, you can look at more products on my craft blog or look up Kandy's Krafts on Facebook!

On Black Friday I picked up several presents for my friends and family, but only one small thing for me--a new wallet!

Isn't it the cutest?? I got it super cheap at Charlotte Russe. My current wallet is adorable and monogrammed, but the latch doesn't work anymore so it just pops open. Now I need a new purse...

Hubby got a second callback from the job that is interested in him. They got his license and certification numbers for verification, so it is sounding good! Keep him in your prayers--he has worked hard for this!

Tonight I'm having my dad over for dinner, and tomorrow I'm throwing a surprise birthday party for my brother at my house. I have yet another busy week next week! I am already working on my Christmas cards though!!


  1. Your wallet is so cute! We might need to share it! ha Enjoyed helping out at your party last nite. The food, house, music, friends were all terrific! Job well done....I'm available for booking. ha

  2. Sounds like a successful Christmas party! The first ones are always SO exciting! =) Love the hat and purse!!! BTW I'm DYING to get Alexis shoes you made! She has several outfits I've been wanting her to wear them with...hopefully she still fits into them. Possibly a Christmas gathering of the girls...coffee, snacks, kids playing, and chit chat? I've got my girls a little something to give for Christmas as well! =) MUAH!


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