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Friday, December 10, 2010

Michael and Emeril--My Oh My

So yeah I got to see two celebs this week! Wednesday evening I met my friend Sara for dinner at Chili's, then we headed downtown for the big Michael Buble concert. We were meeting my brother Eric and his wife there but they were going to be a few rows behind us. I didn't bring my camera because we were way up in the nosebleed section--this turned out to be a colossal mistake. When we got to our section, it was closed and there was a table in front of it with staff directing people to a new section....

...they asked us if we wanted the second level instead of the third. I said "What else do you have?" They said, "You want the floor?" I said HECK YES WE DO!!! Since Eric and Teri weren't there yet, we had to wait 30 more minutes for them to show up so that we could all get tickets together. I was very worried they would give the floor tickets away, but she had set aside 4 seats for us, and she wasn't offering floor seats to everyone. It seemed like only the people who asked got them!! As soon as we could, we all 4 ran down to the floor and saw how amazingly close we were to the stage!!!

I immediately began kicking myself for not bringing my camera, and it continued throughout the whole night. Thankfully my sis-in-law had her phone and got a couple shots with it, and this one \/ is from a friend who was at the concert also.

Halfway thru the concert, Michael walked off the stage and thru the crowd RIGHT BY US to a platform that was in the middle of the floor area. We were a mere 15-20ft from him!!! I stood on my chair and was jumping with delight like a 12 year old boy at a Miley Cyrus concert!

Ahhhhh! It was a fantastic concert, and I can't wait to see him for a 3rd time!

You may have noticed our family portrait on my blog header. It was also in my Christmas cards, and since most everyone has already received theirs, I can put it on here now!

I love sending out cards and finding cute holiday stamps to put on them, but it is really sad how many people don't do them anymore!! I mean, who doesn't love to get a festive card in the mail and hang it up for all to see during the Christmas season??? All you fuddy duds out there need to get with it, go spend $3 on a box of cards, and mail them to your friends!!!!!! All the cool people are doing it ;)

Today was another big day! Last week my mom got wind that the uber-popular chef Emeril Lagasse was going to be here in lil 'ole Oklahoma City to promote his line of cookware and do a cooking demonstration!! So of course we were there! We got there an hour and 15min early, and there was probably already 25 people ahead of us. They had seats lined up in rows and we were probably about 30ft away from him

They handed out recipe cards for the 4 gourmet dishes that he prepared in front of us. I'm not sure what they did with the food after he cooked it...when we left it was still sitting on the table.

After just a few minutes from coming out, his mike quit working, so the "crew" scrambled to fix it but all they could come up with was a handheld mike...which is pretty stupid for someone who is trying to cook 4 dishes in 45min!! But he made due! His assistant went between cooking to holding the mike for him.

It was very neat to watch, and we loved the delicious aromas that were wafting thru the air afterwards!

After crawling through rush hour traffic to get back to Norman, we ran to the venue where our craft show is tomorrow and began to set up our table. It looks like we got a very good table, but we need to get there bright and early tomorrow to finish our table and get it looking good. Wish us luck!!! If you live in the area, it is at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds in Norman from 9am-4pm!

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  1. So glad to hear you all had such a wonderful time!!! I loved your Christmas card!!!


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