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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"For the Sake of Old Times"

This is what "Auld Lang Syne" loosely translated means in English. A Scottish poem written in the late 1700's that can still be used for current happenings today. We traditionally sing it at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve to signify our INTENT to forget about old happenings of the previous year and prepare ourself for the new year and new things to come.

You won't see me writing any "resolutions" as many do. If there is a goal or thing that I want to obtain or accomplish, I simply do it! No need to wait until January 1. Instead, I think of general things that I would like to eventually do throughout the year. Sometimes it is travel, sometimes a new skill. I feel personally that it is low pressure and more realistic than forcing yourself to immediately begin something and then beat yourself up if you can't continue it or meet your goal. Of course, if you could care less either way if you do it or not, then why make the "resolution" in the first place?? HA. I just prefer to be much more relaxed about it.

Now don't get me wrong, if someone wants to make a list of resolutions then more power to them! It's always nice to start off the year with good intentions and such. Call me a realist--through the years I am growing used to seeing goals be made over and over, only to be completely forgotten or ignored. But if someone is the kind of person who can be real with themself and really get down and get something done, then good for them!

In the end, any resolution that lasts about 3 weeks then is forgotten is only hurting the one who made it. If you want something bad enough, you get out there and DO IT. Regardless of the time of year, regardless of setbacks, naysayers, income, or busy schedule. It is not an easy practice but it is so fulfilling that words can not describe how much more confidence you will EARN because then you become a DOER. These are the kind of people that inspire me, and that I wish to surround myself with.

On another note, I will not technically be celebrating on New Year's Eve--I will be working away! I work this whole weekend and have picked up several extra shifts for all of next month. Hopefully everyone has a safe and happy evening, without too much boozing. You know how it seems everyone has turned each holiday into a reason to get drunk....

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  1. Enjoyed reading your blog. I also really like your new design on here. Wish I could learn to change out my background....sure was good shopping with you today!


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