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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Holiday Purchases

I have been thinking of lists of things that I need to do or get for this holiday season upon us. I recently got a couple of different linen-type fabrics on sale at my favorite fabric store that I intent to make skirts with (for me). That led me to think about the kind of shoe I would wear with them! One that is kind of popular for the cooler months is starting to grow on me--the knee high boot. I don't have any, and have never had any like this. They are dressy and chic, and just right to wear with a nice knee-length skirt. I searched several different stores and websites and found the perfect pair (and price)!

I took Brad shopping with me yesterday and that had this pair at the store! Only two sizes were left, and thankfully mine was one of them! I also got my little one his first pair of winter boots. They are the most adorable things! They are dark blue and fleece insulated. They look super warm, and I can't wait to see him toddling around in the snow with these on!
One of the times I was at Michaels recently, I noticed a new Christmas village piece that I knew belonged in our collection. It is called "Tune Up" and they were out at that time. I checked back yesterday and found out that once their village shipment is gone it will not be replaced! Thankfully the Michaels store by my mom in the city had 3 left in stock. I immediately placed a phone call to her for her to PLEASE run up there and snatch one up!
She called me back shortly thereafter and told me she had gotten the last one! And they are 40% off this week so that made it even better. Here is the piece:

Isn't it the cutest!?? It reminds me so much of Nick's car, and in a few years this could be the exact scene in our driveway of him showing our little boy how to fix engines. I dream of the day that Brad has the endless knowledge of cars that Nick has. Maybe even one day he will want a classic car of his own!
Lately even more than ever, Nick and I have been clinging to each other not only as spouses, but as best friends. Throughout the years we have had to both take a deep look at our friends and realize that some of them have not grown in the same direction that we have taken our lives. After so many years with some of them it can be hard to accept, but then again sometimes the decision is made for you. We realize that we are each other's rock, and when we move to New York we will only have each other for awhile until we get settled. And family of course!
That is another thing that we talk about: families. My family is very close and active with each other, whereas Nick's family is more passive. It is very hard to get them to come over for a holiday or family dinner. There is always a reason why they can't. Thankfully my family has stepped in and taken Nick in as their own. He has been a part of my family for almost 8 years now! I think my dad especially enjoys our get-togethers because they can sit around and talk computers or cars, and Nick is one of the few men he knows that can keep up on his level!
That's all for now, I have been keeping busy scrapbooking our activities of the summer and fall. I need to get caught up before all of the holiday pictures are taken....



  1. Enjoyed reading your blog! The boots look interesting...not my cup of tea though! LOL You know, people's blogs are for them to write from the heart and to share with those who choose to read it the things that make us happy, our joys, our concerns, and whats on our hearts. Not everyone will agree, maybe, but it's YOUR blog and today you've poured out your feelings and decisions. That's what I find interesting to read about people's blogs. I could take personally what you write and become distant and/or angry, but I choose not to. Maturity is taking things with grace and to NOT always walk around thinking you're being picked on and having a wah wah wah attitude. It sometimes takes guts to bare one's feelings. Me? Don't think I'd have the nerve. But, that's what makes me....me. Thanks for sharing your heart. Love ya, always.

  2. Very cute boots I LIKE!!! Family is everything, especially our spouses and our children. At the end of the day its what make you and your family happy therefore you do what will benefit your family the most! Thank you for sharing Love the little village scene!!!


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