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Monday, November 8, 2010

Bath Time and Gripes

Little Brad woke up a bit earlier than usual today, so we spent the morning playing downstairs in our pj's until he filled up his diaper and needed a bath!

I filled it up with baby bubbles and we had a fun time splashing and seeing what bubbles taste like...

He didn't seem to mind them, and even used the cup to drink some bath water. He's a character!

Otherwise, things are going well today. But when the house is quiet I can hear all of the little things that annoy the crap out of me. I realize and accept that I am very sensitive to sounds. Nick also knows this about me, and tries to help me out whenever he can. Sounds that I positively can not stand include my cat licking, food smacking, and DOGS BARKING.

As far as the whole dog-barking thing, I understand a few barks here and there. But when your dog barks for consecutive hours at nothing in your backyard, something needs to be done! I just cannot comprehend how most dog owners are SO oblivious to how inconsiderate it is to annoy your neighbors with this noise pollution. I mean, sorry but that is what it is! Same as loud music, or power tools, or car engines. Every single freaking neighbor around me has a dog or mulitple dogs, and one point or another during the day, they are out in the backyard barking and yipping. It makes me so crazy I just want to go out there with an air horn and blast it nonstop until the person comes out and does something. Hey I can make noise too!

The neighbor behind us moved in a couple years ago and is a single 40-something mom going on 20-something. She blasts rap music in her backyard for parties, shouts at her child, and has 2 dogs that are almost always outside in her tiny backyard. One of these dog's barking went on for hours every evening and became such a problem with disturbance that we filed a formal complaint with the police station. We tried to talk to her in person about it, but she would not get her door. It seems to have gotten better since then, but we will see how long that lasts!

The neighbors on each side of us have little dogs that have high-pitched whiny yips, and they are the kind that bark at a blowing leaf or blade of grass. And a new lady next to us lets her two dogs out into the front yard (unleashed mind you) and they would run over to my yard and use the bathroom in my flowerbeds!! SERIOUSLY?? I went over there after seeing this happen a few times and politely made her aware of it. Thankfully that made it stop (so far). All of these things have made Nick and I come to the conclusion that our next house will have no less than one ACRE of land to separate us from other people! I despise hearing every single thing that goes on next door. I need SPACE. Obviously since I can't get common courtesy from neighbors, then we will have to change our living comforts so that we don't compromise our standards. I'm telling you, I would like dogs a lot more if some dog OWNERS weren't such worthless human beings. Ok, I'm done now.

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  1. This is Merrie! I had to choose 'anonymous' because the other sign in options don't apply! I have been reading about gifted children & adults, and I know your work ethic and extreme drive to accomplish your goals. I think you fit the bill as a gifted adult, and most likely was a gifted child. Anyways, I said all of that because some gifted persons have what's know as 'over-excitabilities', which was coined by Kazimierz Dabrowski. It just means that you are extra-aware and super sensitive to sound. There can be other manifestations relating to sensory or emotional super-sensitivities. This in not a bad thing. Just though I'd share, but, you probably are already aware of all this. As long as I've known you, I've considered you smarter than the average bear :)


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