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Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Second Craft Show

I survived another craft show! My mother and I split a table on Saturday at a church craft show. We set up our table Friday evening, then the show was Saturday from 8am-4pm. I am very happy with how our table turned out! Looking at the table, my stuff was on the left and hers was on the right.

I had baby shoes, crocheted hats, and decoupaged coasters. She had baked goods, monogram coasters, and bookmarks. She also took the time to make my very own banner for the front of the table!!

She thought of everything, from snacks to drinks and coffee (including our own coffee pot and flavored creamer). We had a fun time just hanging out together being girls and chatting. It was kind of slower than we had hoped but the church is small and this is only their second show ever. But we are still happy with how we did, and of course we didn't do it for the money!

Our next craft show is in December at the fairgrounds here in Norman. That one should be huge! It is very well established and will have a ton of vendors. At least it's a couple months away and I can relax for a bit before then! I am looking forward to doing some crafting for myself now!

In other news, my hubby's truck is dead. It was partially expected--I mean the poor thing had over 250,000 miles on it! It has had transmission problems, but we didn't expect the engine to go first. However it did. It is not too big a deal right now because with our current schedule we can get away with one car between us. But when his parents heard this, they insisted we keep one of their extra vehicles to use for emergencies when the other car is gone. So now we have a very large truck in our driveway. Of course we are appreciative of the gesture :)

The timing is actually perfect because Nick just sold something for a very large amount of money! God knows what he is doing! We also have a big chunk in savings, so we are going to combine that and get him an old car that he can easily (and cheaply) work on and drive to work after he graduates. Purely temporary car of course until we can afford a newer one down the line. We will probably just sell his dead truck to a local salvage yard that can come pick it up.

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  1. You should be really proud of yourself, this is a GREAT achievement! I have always wanted to do a craft fair but I am not crafty enough yet. Do you have an Etsy store yet? I have a few friends that do really well on there.

    Regarding the butter, a few other tricks I want to pass on. First, it's easiest if you bring the cream (which can be bought at the store) to close to room temp. Second, I found the easiest thing to use was my very own food processor.

    Let me know if you try it!


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