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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Competition

There is another girl in my husband's life....and here she is!

He is very excited to FINALLY have another old car to call his very own. His last "old" one was a '51 Chevy that had a tiny engine and needed interior. He ended up selling it because it was more work than we had time or money for at the time a few years ago. We have had a '68 Mustang and an '89 Firebird since then, but his true loves are the cars from the '50s.

It's funny how every little thing just fell into place like it was a sign from God for him to get this car! At first he wanted to buy it as a THIRD car...that was a no-go with me and we had talked about that before. But then his truck died and we actually got a good amount of money for it as a parts car. So with that plus other money we had, now he could kill two birds with one stone! He could get an old car that would be his daily driver.

He found this one but the price was way too high for us. He looked at a few others but they were wasted time because of people misrepresenting them in the ad. So Nick bargained and negotiated with this guy and ended up getting the car for a great deal, plus they towed it to our house! It does run and drive, but needs a gas tank installed to be almost complete.

It came with ghetto-fabulous lowrider wheels that Nick is going to sell and replace with more original ones. Otherwise he is beyond excited to have her in the garage finally! He can't wait to take Brad out there and start teaching him how to work on cars. I know that Nick will be very frugal with his work on it--he already knows where to get every part for it and how much they are! I love to see how smart he is with cars. That is one thing I have always been so proud of him for, and he knows it! I grew up with my dad working on our cars, and Nick knows that is one quality that is EXPECTED from me in my man! He definitely excels in that area, and has even surpassed people who taught him in the beginning. My dad is really the only guy Nick knows who can keep up with his car lingo, but it has been so long since my dad has really "dug" into a car that he is losing some mojo I think.

To drag out this subject a little more, I am saddened by the way that cars nowadays are built so that you HAVE to take it to a mechanic for just about anything. They put special adapters on things, or everything has a freakin computer chip in it. It's like there is this huge gap when you buy a car where you either have to get a really new one with a warranty, or a really old one that you can work on yourself. That is where we are at. And not to mention how expensive current cars are to fix or maintain! An old car you can go to a salvage yard and buy a carburetor for like $15 and a rebuild kit for like $10 and you are good to go. But with a new car you have no choice but to take it to a mechanic for a completely new whatever that broke. Ugh.

I want my husband to have an old car, and I want my son to grow up remembering his dad showing him how to work on it. And hopefully Brad will grow up with the same respect for classic cars that Nick has, and maybe get one of his own some day!

Oh, one thing I am doing for Nick is taking pictures of each step of his car along the way so that he can have his very own photo album for it!


  1. I love this post. My husband's other love are boats. We joke about us girls sharing all the time. lol.

  2. Very Very nice new "Older" car! How does that work with Brad in a car seat... i know they don't originally have seat belts...


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