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Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's Autumn!

It is finally fall, and I wish mother nature would catch up! It is almost October here yet the temperature still gets close to 90 everyday! I absolutely can not wait until the nights are chilly and we have to wear coats and hats when we go outside. I already have lots of adorable winter clothes for my little boy to wear. We will probably have to get some of them out for our Chicago trip next month! I read the average highs there will be in the 60s.

Today I received my batch of makeup that I ordered from elf. They had a special going on, plus their prices are incredibly low anyhow. Basically, I got a steal!

I got some face blotters, two nail polishes, concealer, tinted moisturizer, and mascara. Looking forward to using it!

According to my calendar, today was the first day of fall. Other calendars said yesterday was...but I went by mine so today I decorated! That is the true mark of the beginning of the holiday season for me--when I bring in the totes of decorations! To keep my house from looking cluttered, I always remove the year-round stuff and put those in the totes while the holiday stuff is out. I have fall hand towels, oven mitts, table runners, doilies, knick-knacks...it looks very festive! One thing I did not have yet was a nice fall wreath. So a few weeks ago at Hobby Lobby I picked up several things on my own to put one together. It was quite simple and altogether probably cost less than $10.

The only bad thing was my door would not shut ith the wreath hanger on it! So now I have to get one of those removable plastic hanger things to stick on the door b/c it is metal and I can't nail into it. But it sure looks pretty up there!

Brad is walking all over these days. Hard to think that just 5 short months ago was when he started CRAWLING. Time flies! It's so cute to watch him waddle around like a little zombie baby. He thinks he's such a big boy.

One of my old coworkers saw a particular "mohawk" knitted hat at the fair and asked me if I would be able to duplicate the style in the school colors of her 5yo boy for wrestling. So I looked up some pictures and it wasn't too hard to visualize how to do it. I told her I was up for the job! I finished it last night and had Brad be my model...

I also listed it on my craft site for taking orders. I already have two more, with a possible third for my hubby's best friend! I may have to make Brad one....

To end with, now that I have my own washer and dryer again I decided to make my own laundry detergent and fabric softener! I did a lot of research for the best recipes because there are many different varieties out there. I decided to do a dry detergent. It is only 3 ingredients--soap, borax, and washing soda. Of course I couldn't find washing soda anywhere so I ordered it from Ace Hardware to pick up at the store. It came in yesterday so I went and picked it up today and made my soap! I haven't done a load yet, but will before I go to bed. I will report back next blog how well it worked!

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  1. Love the decorations! I LOVE homemade laundry detergent! I hope you like yours too! I think next batch I am trying the dry kind.


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