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Sunday, September 12, 2010

*200th Post!* County Fair Fun

We finally got to go to our county fair! We have lived here FOUR years and never went. It is only 3 days long, and we never heard about it until it was too late. So this year I planned months ago on my calendar to go. We ran into a few snaffoos, but in the end it was worth it. The fair was only Thursday--Saturday and since I have to work Friday and Saturday nights, we wanted to go Friday during the afternoon before it got too hot. So hubby took a day off of school and we packed up the car with our little boy and headed out there. Found a parking spot, got our bag of goodies and headed over to the rides....which were not moving....and nobody was walking around them. There were a lot of people by the buildings so we went over there to find out when the rides would start. Nobody knew.

We ended up going home and I looked it up on the internet--the rides didn't even open until SEVEN PM that evening!!! After I had to be at work! I got very upset and frustrated because if we had known that, we could've gone on Thursday evening. So with only one day of the fair left, I checked the schedule for Saturday. It said that the rides opened at 10am. All I could do is come home after work Saturday morning, take a short nap, then get up and go to the fair before it got up to the forecasted high of 90. And that's what I did!

Of course when the time came to get up, I didn't want to have any part of it...but I eventually put my face and clothes on and we headed out there around 10:30am. Once again, the rides weren't moving and barely any people were there!! We did however see carnies checking the rides and writing stuff down, so I figured they were getting ready to get started. We just kind of walked around and looked at everything, and figured out how many tickets we would need. We went into the buildings and let Brad see the animals they had in there for a small petting zoo:

Another funny thing is the forecast for that day was sunny with a high of 90. But when we pulled up and parked, this was what the sky looked like:

It was VERY overcast with a nice cool breeze at about 75 degrees!! Just perfect.

Even though the website had said TEN am, the ticket booth and rides didn't open until ELEVEN am. So we bought our tickets and got in line for our first carnival ride!! I took Brad on the carousel and he ended up being free to ride each ride so we had extra tickets in the end. He liked the carousel and even held onto the pole! It was cute to watch. My whole life I have been waiting to take my very own child to the fair and watch their innocent face as they see all new and exciting things to do!

After that, the only other ride we wanted to ride was the Ferris Wheel....which still wasn't on. Not even a carnie checking it yet. So we milled around some more....

(Brad was upset I wouldn't let him hold the camera)

...and decided to all share a funnel cake!! It was fresh from the oil and delicious. Brad liked it too :)

FINALLY someone came and opened up the Ferris Wheel! We were first in line and first on. I was a bit nervous because the ride looked so old...but hey that's part of the fun!

Brad got to sit on the seat with us, and we all were buckled in. He looked so adorable with his little legs sticking out and his hair blowing in the wind!!

He wasn't scared at all, and was trying to look over the edge.

To use up some of our extra tickets, Nick took his turn on the carousel with the boy, and he was the only one on there!! The carnie running it let me take some pictures when they came around.

After that I had to grab a corndog (that Nick and I shared) and we headed home just in time for the sun to come out! I put baby down for his nap, uploaded my pics, then went back to bed!! I did get in a few hours before going back to work last night.

We had a wonderful time, and the county fair turned out to be everything we wanted. We haven't been to our state fair in years because it has just become way to expensive, crowded, dirty, dangerous....no thank you!! You have to pay to park, pay to get in, then try not to get robbed while you are there. Now we are hooked on the county fairs!!!!

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