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Saturday, August 14, 2010

My "Summer" is Coming to a Close

I am very happy about this! Hubby goes back to school next week and will be in class from 8-5 Monday-Friday for at least a couple of months. So that means that I will be unable to work extra shifts for awhile. Aw, I know--poor me! Believe me, I got my fill of it this summer. Tonight I am blogging from work and when I clock out at 7am, I will have pulled in about 65 hours JUST this week!!! Woot!

All night I have been dreaming of how nice it is going to be to have a ROUTINE again--sending Nick off to class in the morning...drinking coffee while feeding Brad breakfast with cartoons in the background...chatting with friends and family on the phone while making lunch for Nick's break...working on crafts while Brad takes his afternoon nap...giving him nibbles while I cook dinner for Nick to get home in the evening....aaahhhhh! Of course I'll be giving up my whole weekend because that is the only time I can work, but it is so worth it to have consecutive time to get things done during the week. I really don't have people that I hang out with anyways except for mumsy and she is available most everyday! And now she can sneak in some morning visits for coffee time.

Tomorrow after sleeping for a bit, I am having an impromptu cookout for my family at our house. It is sort of an "unveiling" of our new floors. But hey, who needs a reason to grill burgers and hotdogs? Since the weather continues to be above 100 degrees, I told my brother that if HE grills the food outside then I will supply everything else. It's just too hot for me! But don't get me going on the weather here....anywho, the cookout is starting around 4pm and my mom is bringing her famous baked beans and pasta salad.

After the cookout, I am going to relax for a bit and get back to making out dinner menus! I haven't been able to for awhile because I don't have time to cook on days that I work consecutively. Now that I will be home, I can plan my meals out so everyone will know what to expect. Also I am going to order Angel Food again this month. Their menu looks really good and you can't beat being able to have someone put your food in your car for you!

Monday is a memorial service for my friend's father who passed away a few weeks ago. After that it's laundry night and coupon clipping with my mom. We have a few craft shows we are getting signed up for this fall and we must get to work on our supply! We are trying a few new ideas, so I will put pics up when we get going on them.

If the weather would only cool down...I have so many other plans and things to do! Lots of landscaping and rennovating in the backyard, sewing and crocheting crafts to get started on....can't wait!


  1. I agree with you about the weather! I'm soo ready for crocheting/knitting weather! :)

    Can't wait to see the floors!

    & I hope you enjoy your paycheck from working all those hours!!

  2. SOunds like you have been working hard! Glad to hear it is all paying off! I'm with you both on the weather-it would be so nice to cool down and let the fall weather set in!


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