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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 3 Floor Redo

Sorry for the delay--I had to throw a couple days of PAID work in there! Thursday was our 3rd day working on the floor, and on this day we got the majority of the waterproof underlayment down.

This means we were FINALLY able to start putting some wood down! Our first obstacle was a doorway that needed a custom piece cut to fit all while looking nice and having all edges hidden under door jambs. Fun. I was the designated measurer/cutter since Nick isn't so good with numbers. We got it worked out though and it is turning out nicely!

Our next obstacle was a floor vent, but that one wasn't too bad. Mainly the tricky thing was figuring out where to put the joints at so that when they connect it isn't too weak. After this is all done, we are going to purchase several white decorative vent covers from Lowe's to replace the old bent gray ones that we have now.

What do you think so far?? I love the color of it. We probably would have gotten an even darker shade, but the next darker ones tacked on about an extra $1/sq ft which would have added up to almost $600 just for a darker shade!!!! No thank you, I'll go with this one.

Today is actually "day 4" that we are working on, and we have made a lot more progress today. We are all the way to our entry way and getting close to our living/dining room area. That means it will be time to rotate the furniture soon. Yay! And I get ONE whole day off. Did I mention I'm working 60 hours next week before Nick goes back to fall classes?


  1. It's looking great!! Can't wait to bring my tap dancin shoes over & test er out! hahaha :)

  2. It looks so nice! We have some in our home, and we love it! Very durable and very easy to clean! Nice job!

  3. The floor looks great can't wait to watch as your project progresses and completes!


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