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Friday, August 20, 2010

A Cobbler in the Making

I found a new fun craft that I love! Baby shoes! I have had a couple of patterns for awhile, but never made myself sit down and do it because I thought it would be more difficult. So the other night I made a prototype pair with some scraps and I was pleasantly surprised at their ease! It only took about an hour to figure out the pattern and put them all together:

Well that got me inspired, so I dug through my scraps and over the last couple of days I have made all of these too:

^Made from my old private school skirt that I wore when I was about 9.

^Made from an old pair of jeans.

Adorable, no? I love them! The only bad thing is that the size pattern I have is a bit too small for Brad and I really wanted to make him some. It's partly my fault that I waited so long to get around to making them! So what I did today is measure his little footsies and made my OWN pattern just for his size! In a bit I am going in my craft room to see how they work out. I will be listing these on my craft blog Kandy's Krafts as soon as I can pretty up the pictures.

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  1. I LOVE the shoes you made! Speaking of crafts, did I leave my G over there? I woke up the next day to clean out my car and I think I left it. I still owe you for it anyway :0) But I really like the last pair of shoes you made. The neutral tone top with a pink button and the green and pink backs...how much are you charging for the shoes? Brittany is in a size one baby shoe... let me know and possibly I can pay you for both and retrieve both =)


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