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Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Independence Day

We had a wonderful day today with our family! After sleeping a bit today from working all night, I got up and spent some time with my boys. Then we met my dad and brother in Newcastle to get dinner. We were supposed to have Mexican, but the restaurant was closed! We resolved to eating at Wendys where my little boy had his first ever happy meal!

Don't worry--I didn't get him fries and pop! He got a hamburger, mandarin oranges, and a chocolate milk. The milk he loved, even though it was cold! As for the burger, I just ripped it into chunks and he probably ate 75% of it. He did keep trying to steal grandpa's fries though.

After that we battled the crowds at a big fireworks warehouse in Mustang and got our yearly bounty of ammo. Then we headed back to my dad's house in Tuttle where my sister-in-law Teri met us for the festivities!

It has been raining off and on for the last couple of days, and it poured like crazy right before we left our house. Thankfully God saw fit to clear it up just in time to celebrate! While we were waiting for it to get dark, my brother Eric got out some guns to pass the time...

Why question them? As long as they are having a good time I guess....anywho! Here is our table of fun :)

As it got darker we all rotated popping our fireworks and sometimes coordinated it and all 3 fired our big ones at the same time.

We did have a minor mishap where a Roman candle may or may not have tipped over in it's holder and shot a rocket right towards Brad's stroller and the table of fireworks....but not to worry! Nick was holding Brad and dove out of the way in time :)

I usually get a bag or 2 of smoke bombs every year just to light them and watch the colorful fog fill the yard....

There were a lot of skeeters out tonight so I doused Brad and I in OFF.

Towards the end of it, Brad was getting very sleepy so he took a little nap in my arms!

One last thing: today while Brad squeezed in a nap before we left, I whipped out a new craft I've been wanting to do! This is just the prototype, but it is a reusable and washable snack pack! I have seen things like this for sale but they are so expensive. It is waterproof material on the inside and cute fabric on the outside with velcro closure.



  1. Looks like the family had a BLAST, quite literally, lol!

    Happy 4th of July ♥

    Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

  2. Looks like a great Independence Day celebration!!! I hope Bradley had a great time and you all had a great time!! Girls night? I would love to hear all about it in detail!!!

  3. Okay....you just must write down for me the step by step instructions so that I can post more then 5 pics at a time!!!!!


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