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Monday, July 26, 2010

Family Picnic at the Lake

Yesterday I finally got a day off, and HUBBY came up with the idea to go to the lake! He is usually a homebody, so I jumped on it before he could change his mind. We usually pick up some fried chicken and such at KFC, but we couldn't remember where it was. We drove around a bit, then ended up stopping to get gas and ask. Evidently the one by us is closed for business! So we compromised and got Jack in the Box. They had mini funnel cakes so I had to try one of those!

We took our fold up chairs and other things and set up shop on the hilly lakeside. It was hot, but we survived in the shade.

After eating, we moved our stuff closer to the water and put little B in a swim diaper. We let him float around in the waves to cool off while we waded with him. The water was very warm!

We could see dark storm clouds off in the distance, but I think they were all too far NE of us, and we never got any rain.

After we got done, I pulled out of the parking lot and got PULLED OVER by a park ranger for going the wrong way!!!!!!! What???? I was so upset. He took forever to do whatever it is they do in their truck with your license (meanwhile Brad was getting upset sitting still) then finally came back and said he was just giving me a "warning". I told him it was pretty ridiculous because the stupid lot I pulled out of wasn't marked at all and how I only come here like once in a blue moon...ugh. Wanted to say some other things about how I was probably the only legal citizen there and the only one with car insurance, but I kept those evil thoughts in my head ;)

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  1. Looks like a great time at the lake! Brad sure does like the water!! As for the park ranger incident wow! I'm glad you spoke your mind!


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