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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pics From the Week

Let me start off by saying exactly ONE year ago today I was 35 weeks pregnant and this is how big my baby was!Nowadays he is so big I can barely hold him for longer than 5 minutes! He needs to start walking pretty soon cause momma's arms aren't strong enough.

I finished up a couple projects I've been wanting to do for Bradley. One is a plain tee that I got on sale for this summer. I added a guitar applique on (all cut and embroidered freehand by me) and embroidered my own unique phrase on it! It is very fitting because Nick is the best guitar player around and Bradley loves to watch him play. "Guitar Hero" is for people who just wish they could really play ;)

The next one is {finally} Bradley's birthday onesie! I pieced together a cupcake from different fabrics and appliqued them all on, as well as a little flame. Then I hand embroidered the candle and a number 1 on it.

I had a couple of new recipes for desserts I wanted to try out, and they were both strawberry-oriented which is perfect because strawberries are in season now and VERY cheap! First I made this two-layer strawberry swirl cake with homemade icing and sliced strawberries all over it. Nick just loved it and pretty much ate the whole thing...

Then I made these "Strawberry Sandies" which are made with a box of strawberry cake mix and a few other ingredients. They turned out delish as cookies, and I took these to work Friday night for my friends to enjoy. They loved them! I got the recipe from my Sandra Lee magazine.

And our big news is we have our new fridge!! We bought it using the Oklahoma Appliance Rebate that started May 8. It isn't fancy at all, it is just like our old fridge except it is black and brand new! It is a bit smaller than I anticipated, but it is perfect for the three of us. We ended up getting a great deal on it after the rebate, 10% off, and free delivery/haul away!

That's about it for now. Our pool is coming along nicely and will be ready to swim in as soon as the water warms up! We broke in our new charcoal grill last Sunday and I grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for my family. Nick loved the taste of grilled food so much that he insists we grill often this summer! Speaking of Nick, he is finally done with his spring semester and will be starting two new classes for the summer in a couple of weeks. He is still on track to finally graduate with a degree in December!! I am sooo proud of my baby.


  1. I love the Birthday outfit for Bradley! I can't wait for the partay! I love the fridge~ smaller is easier to keep clean because your forced to continuously clean it. :0)

  2. I'm glad computer screens are lo carb, cause I've been licking it to get to your strawberry cake, lol!

    My heart aches that Bradley is so big... I swear, just the other day he was only a theory.

  3. New follower!!! :)

    LOVE YOUR outfits you made!! ADORABLE!!!! I have a son that is 8 months old!-- Tristan! :) I'm sure they would be great friends!


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