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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Funny Boy

My little guy...his personality is really coming out these days and I love it! He has had a fever off and on every day since Sunday, but hasn't acted sick or anything. I imagine he is teething but I am keeping a close eye on him. Otherwise he has been his happy-go-lucky self. Yesterday he got our plastic back-massager thing and carried it around in his mouth while crawling everywhere. It was so cute!

He's too funny. He has gotten very good at crawling around, and unfortunately I have caught him CLIMBING up onto our bottom stair! Time for a baby gate.

Today he has been a little cranky but maybe he'll be happier when he gets up from his nap. He hasn't had a fever yet today so keep your fingers crossed!

Last Saturday marked the beginning of an Oklahoma appliance rebate program and I woke up early to get in on it. We bought a new (but simple) refrigerator from Lowes and it is getting delivered today! We have never had a brand new appliance so this will be fun.

Sunday was my FIRST Mother's Day as a momma!!! I am absolutely so blessed to have my baby boy to call my own. The three of us went out for lunch, then Bradley and I went to my mom's house in the city for the evening. I took her a handmade card and a new coffee pot.

Then Monday night while I was doing my usual laundry load at my mom's, we had some very bad weather move in! We personally just got some big hail and lots of rain, but a very large tornado started in Norman and caused a lot of damage in several towns East of here. Thankfully it passed over West Norman and we didn't get any damage.

To end with, I started working on Bradley's birthday onesie! In just a few short weeks he will turn 1 and he won't be a baby anymore. Makes me sad, but I look forward to seeing him grow. When I get all done with it I will put up a picture!

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