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Sunday, April 18, 2010


No pictures today--it's 3am and I am posting from work. These last few days have been dark, chilly, and rainy...and I LOVE it! Nick and I both love it when the weather is dreary and gray. It is especially nice for those who work overnight and have to sleep during the day!

Next week is going to be a busy week for me. Laundry is Monday night, I work Tuesday night, Wednesday night a friend is coming over, Friday and Saturday is my craft show, then I work Saturday night. Whew! I'm kind of nervous about the craft show, but I'm not really doing it to make money (this time at least), I am really just doing this one for the experience and to see how everyone else does their own thing.

My little bambino has been keeping us busy. He is crawling all over now (still dragging his gimp leg in his "zombie" crawl as I like to call it) and likes to pull things down...sometimes bumping his noggin and crying for momma to love him back to life. And of course it goes unsaid that he continues to put any and everything into his mouth. He still loves to go outside so we have been trying to enjoy it as much as we can before it gets too hot here.

We have big plans for our house this summer. They include--but are not limited to--replace downstairs carpet with wood laminate, replacing stovetop and microwave, replacing boards on patio and restaining it, painting the garage floor and putting shelving in, and painting the paneling in living room. This will keep us plenty busy and give me an incentive to work extra....ugh.

Nick is stilling applying at lots of places and trying to get a job lined up for the summer. Luckily his two classes are online so that shouldn't limit when he can work. He's got a few more weeks left in this semester so he has been busy studying for tests and getting everything finished. His graduation in December can't get here fast enough!

Speaking of December, I can NOT believe how fast this year is going! I will be 24 in less than two months, Bradley will be 1 in 2 months, Nick will be 29 in 3 months, and we will have been together for EIGHT YEARS in 3 months!! In a week or two, we are going to uncover our pool and begin the cleanout...wish us luck!


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  1. Scott and I can't wait to see you and Bradley! It will be great! I checked the weather so our stroll in the park with the boys and it will be sunny and slightly breezy a high of 73! SOunds like a busy busy week ahead! Can't wait to hear how your craft show turns out!


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