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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Traditions

Yesterday was a fun day filled with family time, good food, and an egg hunt! I worked Saturday night, so after sleeping for a bit, we all got up and got ready to head over to my mom's house for the big fun.

^Aren't these little "bird nests" adorable!!?? Chocolate + jelly beans = yum!

After eating his own Easter dinner, little Bradley had a blast playing in the yard and watching the guys hide the eggs. Yes he got to hunt for eggs too--with some help from mommy and daddy!

This is basically what he did the whole time--sit in the grass and chew on eggs!

^Uncle Eric played with him a bunch and they had a good time.

^This is him playing with his cousin Kiara outside after the egg hunt.

We got to put a little gel in his hair, and he looked ADORABLE in the argyle onesie I made him!


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  1. Lovely pics! The Easter table looks blah, but we all know the buffet table was delish! Had so much fun!


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