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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Zuccini, Squash and Green Beans, Oh My!

Those three yummy veggies are the latest addition to our freezer full of homemade baby food! I bought them at the grocery store the last time I went, and my hubby surprised one day while I was sleeping after work and cooked it all. Isn't he the sweetest?? So far baby likes them all--I don't think there's a food that he's met that he doesn't like.

We've been keeping pretty busy. I started a craft blog/store that you should check out if you like the things that I make. Have a browse and let me know if you see something you want! Follow it and check back often because I'm always making new stuff. Here are a couple of things that are my latest:

^I like to call this a neck cozy. It is perfect for keeping your neck warm without all of the bulk of a full length scarf. It connects together under your neck with a cute button.

^And this one is a cute little hat with a flower sewn on. There is a matching button to accent the colors. Very cute on your favorite little girl (or you)!

Other than keeping busy with that, I got all of my Christmas decorations taken down except for the tree--that is hubby's domain. Now if he would just put the totes back up into the attic.... Little B is getting bigger by the day. He is sitting up very good now but doesn't like for us to go out of his sight! Nick has started back to his classes; only one more semester after this!


  1. Hello dear friend! First off, love the neck warmer- it was thick & luxurious and sure to keep whomever is blessed with one, super warm & cozy!
    Second, Bradley is growing like a weed! & He is officially enrolled in Aunt Sara's Crawling bootcamp lol! We'll get him movin and a shakin and burning all those calories he's intaking LOL! He's a good eater & luckily he's got an awesome mama like you (and awesome daddy) who feed him healthy foods! You guys are doing a great job! Brannon & I can't wait to put into action what we're learnin from you!
    Can't wait to see your pretty face again! I know you've got a workin weekend a head of you so drink lots of coffee, take lots of breaks, and call your bff when you get the chance! & if I don't see you before, I will definitely see you Monday!!

    PS: My word verification is: inesach. Shane must have been picking the words tonight HAHA

  2. Coffee and chit chatJanuary 8, 2010 at 7:23 PM

    Can't wait for you to make more neck cozies!

  3. Love love seeing your new creations. I can only hope to be as creative as you and Sara one day. I still work out the basics... just a few scarves, hot pads, and dish towels here and there... just enough to keep the hands moving during some down time! :0) Glad to hear Bradley s transition to solid food is going successful he is going to be a strong healthy boy!


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