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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Boy--Pics & Video

Um, is he not the cutest thing ever? Yeah I think so too! He got to bed a little late last night because I insisted on taking him with me to Michael's and Walmart. He is getting really good at sitting in the cart like a big boy! *sigh* He's growing so quickly. I recently crocheted a shopping cart cover and we tried it out--works nicely! I would have taken a picture, but the Walmart people would have looked at me funny...I'll sneak one in soon.

This morning he woke up very happy so I sat him up in his crib (yes he can sit unassisted, but can not sit himself up yet) while I put away his laundry.

Then he laid in our big bed and played with his toy while I brushed my teeth and put my hair up.

Then I got him dressed and {tried} to clip his fingernails...but when I got down to the last 3 he flinched and I may or may not have got some skin...okay I did, and he cried, and bled. Of course I apologized profusely and promised him I didn't mean to do that. I don't think he cared. Poor little guy--I would put a bandaid or something on it, but I think he would just eat it off! So here's another happy picture of him from yesterday!

And to end, a video of my little man in his crib:



  1. He really is SO SO SO cute! You are just so crafty! Who cares what Walmart people think. I'm sure they've seen stuff that would make them forget about anything you would possibly do! I can't see the video???

  2. i don't know why the stupid video isn't working guys, i will try to repost it with my next blog. sorry! check back..

  3. Coffee and chit chatJanuary 21, 2010 at 2:38 PM

    I saw the video just fine. Guess it's fixed now. Oh, by the way...that BOY IS getting a haircut! Whether you like it or not! Those huge eyes don't melt MY heart! Don't make me start buying hairbows for him!!!! hee hee

  4. Seriously Kandace, I think you have the cutest baby EVER! He is just so precious and his personality, is THE CUTEST! Loved the video! :0)


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