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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pics to Make Up for Slacking Off

I apologize for not posting much lately! With all of the Christmas hub bub and Nick's school stuff, our days have been pretty full. But not to fret, for I come with pictures to share!

I have been kind of clueless on what to get my dad for Christmas. I asked him and he just wanted a dinner at Olive Garden, ha! Well he uses hankies, so I bought a pack of 6 then embroidered them just for him:

Next of course are our decorations! Don't worry, they have been up since the day after Thanksgiving! I just haven't put pics up yet of them, and I take pictures every year for scrapbooking.

^This is our newest tree, donated by my mother. It is in our downstairs guest bathroom (or the kitties room).

^She was sitting pretty in front of the tree so I had to take her own picture!

As for our little man, I just can NOT believe that he is already going to be 6 months old next week!!!! He is still the cutest little thing you ever did see, and it's so neat to watch him grow and learn new things. I am currently weaning to strictly formula because my supply is simply nonexistent. His voracious appetite has overcome my production and feeding time was becoming more and more of a struggle. I still nurse twice a day but am planning on stopping completely after this month. I'm sure he is happy to get full finally--in one sitting he can already down an 8oz bottle!

^This is little B one morning playing around on our bed. We are working on sitting up these days!

Him and daddy were playing on the keyboard and having fun while I crafted.

We successfully got Nick enrolled in classes for next semester. After this week, he will be on winter break and doesn't go back until next month. He is very happy about that! His weeks will be busy next semester b/c he will have classes M-F 8-noon, T and TH 1:30p-3p, and Wed 5:30p-8p. But after that he will only need 4 more classes and can graduate next December!!! I am so proud of him (and ready for his school to be done). Next fall if he still can't find part time work, he is going to substitute teach again at a Christian school in Norman that he subbed at last spring.

I am going to cancel the refi on our mortgage--the fees are really more than I was anticipating and it would not make it worth it in the end. It would basically void all that we have paid off these last 3 1/2 years and we would be back where we started. Oh well! At least I looked into it.

That is it for now, thank you for reading and I promise I will try to post more often!


  1. Loved your pics so much! Your grey cat looks evil in that pic! Ha! Too bad animals can't smile, huh! Hope Mom reads all you share on your lovely blog. Had a wonderful time with you girls last nite! I love Christmas!!!!! Yes!

  2. Love the pictures, especially of him on the bed! How cute is his hair! :) Mine's starting lose his hair... there's a line of no hair wrapping around his head. LOL. I have to take a picture to scrap later!

    I adore the hankies! My mom keeps talking about getting a machine that can embroider, too, but it's so much moola. Maybe this year she will. Now that school is out, I'm hoping she can teach me some basics. Maybe even make some baby things!

    I'm excited to see how Bradley takes solids. I'm planning to wait until 6mths to start Elias, but I know some friends that have started @ 3 or 4mths. Looking into Baby Led Weaning with finger foods... but we'll see how the little one does each week.

    I love the hat on your bear (bear, right?) near the fireplace... awesome!

    Have a wonderful day! Loved seeing all the pictures & decorations. I'm happy I at least got the tree up. With one lonely little ornament! LOL


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