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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Halfway to a Year! (And Crafts Too)

Isn't he just the cutest little thing you ever did see?? I think I say that every time... Yes friends the light of my eye is now 6 months old and I don't think we could possibly love him anymore! His checkup was Monday and he got 2 shots. Here are his stats:

17lb 8oz
26 in

At 6 months you:
  • are done nursing and on to formula/solids
  • have eaten applesauce, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, bananas, and squash (all homemade)
  • go to bed between 8-9pm and sleep about 12 hours
  • take a 1 hour nap around noon, and again around 4pm
  • can sit up pretty well on your own
  • still don't like being on your tummy
  • can hold your own bottle
  • are wearing size 3 diapers
  • still just have 2 bottom teeth
  • love to grab grandma's earrings and necklace
  • can now successfully sit in the seat of the shopping cart

He still has those beautiful blue eyes! They haven't changed at all, and I'm hoping they don't because I love my boys with brown hair and blue eyes.

Daddy {finally} put together his highchair a few days ago, and he loves to sit in it and eat like a big boy! It was a present from my coworkers and I foresee us enjoying it for a long time! The seat can recline or sit straight up, and you can raise or lower it.

Now for crafts! I have been busy busy these last few weeks, and one thing that I took way too long to start was stockings! I wanted to make embroidered stockings for Bradley and I. Nick didn't want a new one because he loves the one I made him back in the day when we first got married. Well I finally found the fabric and embellishments that I like and I got on it!

I wanted to use bullion fringe for the "cuff" instead of your typical cuff; I think it gives it a nice touch. I just happened to have thread that was the exact gold as in the fabric. The green tree I appliqued on is the other fabric that I am making Bradley's stocking out of, and it will have a red tree on it. Hope you like!

As a present for my mom, I had her pick out a nice blouse that she liked so that I could take it home and add a little touch to it. She loves cardinals so I picked this design and added her name. That way she can wear it beyond Christmas through the winter:

I also finally embroidered my name and such on my work jacket. The hospital charges about $30 if you buy one through them, so I thought I would just do my own! I was very happy to find a caduceus to embroider.

And this is a hat I crocheted for my niece's first birthday next month. I am also going to attempt to sew her some summer dresses that are lacy and cute (since I can't get away with doing that for my boy).

This is something I did for almost all the children in the family. My mom bought a bunch of fleece and microplush blankets for them, and I embroidered each person's name on there to personalize it (and so they wouldn't fight over it). This one turned out the cutest because of the colors:



  1. Yeah! What a big boy! He is so so so cute!

  2. Bradley is just looking sweeter and sweeter all the time! Love all the crafts!


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