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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Making Clothes

Yes that's what I've been doing! At least just clothes for my baby that is. Speaking of the little one, here is what he is doing right now:

Since he wakes up around 7:45 every morning (which is the same time daddy gets up for school), our morning ritual consists of me bringing him to bed, feeding him, then letting him sleep all snuggled up for a couple more hours. Too cute!

Is this not the cutest little outfit you have ever seen??? I got it at my baby shower and now he can wear it when we go for walks on the cooler days. It's so soft too!

Look closely here and you can see his two little teeth poking up! They are bigger now than when I took this pic a few days ago. (Please ignore the pumpkin cupcake under my fingernail)

I was a bit sad about having to leave my beautiful green nursery behind when we moved back to our house in Norman, but these walls match pretty well. We painted these right before we moved out, so I was not allowed to paint again!

As you can see, I have the curtains up but not the valances. I have yet to figure how to get them up b/c the rod up there now is pretty high and if I take the brackets off, it will leave a white spot since we painted around them. Hmmm...

Now on to the clothes!! Who needs store-bought anyways???

This will be his little outfit for Christmas Day!! I appliqued it with some Christmas fabric, zigzagged around the edge, then hand-embroidered the words on. ((Notice the bell on the top of the tree?? Can't wait to hear it jingle!))

You gotta love the necktie onesie! This will be his outfit for Thursday.

Another hat I crocheted for him. I am making them a bit large so that he can wear them for {hopefully} a few years.

And last but not least--a pair of pants! I had a fleece blanket that I had tried to embroider on, but my machine messed up and I had to scrap the blanket. Perfect for a trial run on a pair of baby pants! I think they turned out quite well, and they are just the warmest and softest little things. A little story behind the buttons...whenever we temporarily moved into hubby's grandparents' house, we had to clean out all of their leftover belongings. Well his grandmother Ella was big into crafts so I adopted her bags of thread and a big jar of buttons! Since then, all of my sewing projects have been done using her thread and her buttons.

Now I must go begin cooking because we are having our own Thanksgiving dinner this afternoon!

PS. If you are interested in purchasing a personalized onesie similar to the ones pictured, email me at kandydpierce@yahoo.com

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  1. What a handsome boy! And look at those toofies! So cute! I think Kaden definitely needs one of those tie onesies! Emailing you now....


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