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Friday, November 27, 2009

Holidays With Family

First things first! Unfortunately I did not have time to post this yesterday, so we are catching up today. I hope you want to look at lots of pictures!

At 5 months old you:

  • Go to bed between 8-9pm
  • wake up to nurse around 4am, and get up for the day around 9am
  • nurse every 2-4 hours
  • love to eat w/a spoon, and have eaten cereal, bananas, carrots, and pumpkin so far
  • have two bottom teeth already
  • love to stand if we help you balance
  • can kind of sit up by leaning on your hands
  • can roll over front and back
  • talk to us by croaking and squealing
  • are ticklish on your back
  • usually take 2 one hour naps a day
  • like to chew on your feet and pull your socks off
  • are still wearing size 2 diaper
  • almost always cover your face w/your blanket to go to sleep
We began our Thanksgiving celebrations on Tuesday. Since my parents are divorced, I cooked a big dinner and had my dad over for our own fun!

You can see where I get my white hair from! I made a big ham and all the fixings and we stayed up talking late into the evening.

Then on Thursday after I got off work, I came straight home and started cooking. I made two batches of homemade yeast rolls, sweet potato casserole, and deviled eggs to take to my mom's for her big dinner at noon.

This is her (she is down 130 lbs now!!) and my stepdad Gary. We got to see a lot of family that day!

^Me and mom

^Me and my grandma

^My oldest brother Eric

^My brother Shane and his gf Audra

^My brother's 3 kids (and Bradley's cousins) Kiara, Kavin and Cameron.

You can see little B enjoyed wearing his necktie onesie I made!

Our little family all together!!

After that I went home to take a little nap, then we headed down to Elmore City to see Nick's family and have some leftovers. We stayed there for a few hours then came home and went to bed early!!

Look who is standing up on their own!!

Bradley with his grandma Penny.

Bradley's grandpa Mark and greatgrandpa Garrison.

Bradley's greatgrandma Ella who is bedridden with Alzheimers.

Bradley's Aunt Sarah and cousin Zoe (who is 10 months old).

All in all we had a fabulous holiday and lots of fun seeing all of our family.

To end with, I made these adorable pants and a matching bib this week! This is super soft flannel, and I made them a little big so that Bradley can wear them for awhile.


  1. coffee & chit chatNovember 28, 2009 at 10:15 PM

    I tell ya, lil B's going to be running all over the place b4 long! The pics were excellent! Hope Mom sees them too!

  2. I love your notes to your son above. I am going to do the same thing for Mimi.

    He is soo cute!


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