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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cupcakes, Crafts, and Carrots

Sorry I haven't blogged in awhile! We have been unpacking and trying to appease a teething baby. But I have found time to sneak in other doings which I will show you now...

^ Pumpkin spice cupcakes w/cream cheese frosting (DELICIOUS)

^Crafted fabric scrap toys (ideas from here) for little B. The box has a bell in it!

^Daddy helping me make a ton of mashed carrots for Bradley to eat soon! I gave him a sample and he liked it.

^The first of many hats that I will make him for the cold weather.

So yes he has two bottom teeth that are now above the gum line. He has been a little cranky today but otherwise I think he has done quite well with the whole thing. As for food, I am keeping a log of the food I feed him, when I fed it, and if he liked it or not. And after I fix the sweet potatoes I bought him, he will then have pumpkins, carrots and sweet potatoes in the freezer for him to eat! He'll be pooping orange for a year, ha!

I talked to our realtor today and she knows we are going to take our house off of the market when our contract is up next month. It just isn't the right time for us now. We will make the best of it and enjoy it while we are here.

Tomorrow night some girlfriends and I are going to see the midnight premier of New Moon...I wouldn't have minded seeing it at a normal time but hey, I'm kinda just tagging along since they had already bought the tickets. Looking forward to seeing the movie though!

As for next week, Tuesday afternoon I am cooking our own Thanksgiving dinner at the house and having dad over since he doesn't have any other family to spend it with. Then Wednesday evening we are having family pictures made for the first time!! We should get them in just in time to send out in Christmas cards. And Thursday is the big Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's house! Thankfully Nick doesn't have any class after Tuesday so he will able to relax a bit for the holiday. On the other hand, I am working an extra day to get in some good holiday pay so I'll be a bit tired. But that's okay :)


  1. The pics are so cute! Hopefully B won't be a picky eater. Are u going to introduce spinach also? Hmmm

  2. Oh he is darling! I love the toys you made!!


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