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Friday, October 23, 2009

A Costume and News

We finally have the costume done! It is not at all "built to last" because he barely fits into the stupid onesie anyways. So any sewing was done just enough to basically hold it together for the big night.

First I got a plain onesie, black and yellow felt, and a scrap of black fabric. You can see the picture of the costume that I was using as my inspiration.

Next I dyed the onesie grey and cut out the batman symbol and belt from the felt. I used Stitch Witchery stuff to adhere the layers to each other.

The black fabric I quickly sewed on the back by the shoulders and cut angles at the bottom.

Lastly I adhered the felt to the front of the onesie and voila! Now in my case since the sizing of the onesie was way off, it was too short so I cut up an old onesie and sewed the extra length of snaps onto the bottom like my own little extender. It got the job done!

Throw some black pants on and you got yourself a batman costume! Isn't he the cutest??

While we were at it, I discovered he really like looking at this giraffe pillow. So I placed it on the floor in front of him so he could look at it (remember how he hates tummy time?). And look how good he held himself up! After a few moments he rolled over--for the first time--onto his back! Of course I tried to get it on video afterwards but he didn't feel like doing it again. Maybe next time.

That's about it for now! I have to work this whole weekend so I won't be doing any crafting. The news that I spoke of earlier is that we are returning to our house in Norman within the next few weeks. It has not sold, and I'm sure no one is going to buy it around the holidays. So we decided to move back and enjoy it for a few more years, update some things here and there and wait until the housing market gets a bit better before listing it for sale again. At least this way we can swim in our pool next summer, and most likely get our hot tub replaced with our tax return and enjoy that in the winter. I just love moving... *sigh*


  1. Well, I'm not going to lie... I'm THRILLED with the news of you guys sticking around for a few more years. I want Bradley to know good and well how much this aunt sara loves him!

  2. That costume is just so darn cute!!! Bradley just gets so much more adorable everyday seriously! I don't know he just goes to sleep and wakes up looking sweeter and sweeter! That costume is perfect for the little Batman!! Glad to hear you are staying, I bet you will really enjoy raising Bradley in your home in Norman its a nice house and a nice neighborhood. Can't wait to catch up next girls night!!!

  3. You did a great job on the costume for Bradley.....that will most likely help him get tons of candy on the 31st.....which is coming soon, you know!

  4. Awesome job!

    I have to tell you, I'm amazed at all you did in your maternity leave. I feel good if I can make it through the day without crying & maybe do a load of laundry or dishes... but you were making curtains & scrapbooking before he was even 4wks old! You rock, girl!


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