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Monday, October 19, 2009

Back from Mississippi (pics)

We arrived home late last night after returning the rental car. The drive each way was about 13 hours so we are very happy to be home! Considering how much little B was in the car seat and could only stare at the backseat, he did quite well!! But he is happy to be home too.

We got there late Thursday night and checked into our hotel. It was the Isle Casino and Hotel on the far eastern tip of Biloxi. After I put baby to bed, we hit the sack and slept in a bit the next morning. Then we hit the town and checked out the beaches!

We really really wanted to swim in the ocean, and I had even gotten swimming diapers for Bradley, but this ^ (and several of his friends) are why we did not. Yes the water was still very warm and we did stick our toes in but that was it!

Bradley did very well on his first roadtrip! He went to bed by 10pm each night and after a snack around 4am he slept till about 9am.

The only entrance to the hotel was through the casino, and every single time we all 3 were going through there the security guards would interrogate us to make sure we weren't taking our baby out to a slot machine! Haha. The staff was very nice though.

We headed out early Sunday morning, and stopped off in New Orleans so that Nick could see some sights of his liking (namely an old studio that his favorite band used). There were some beautiful old houses there. The drive home didn't seem as long--maybe because we knew we were going home? And as tradition called for, Nick had to stop at Jack In the Box when we went through Texas.

One of the joys of a super long roadtrip is all the time you have to talk! So Nick and I have come up with some decisions, but I am going to save those for another post ;)


  1. Love those shades on the lil feller! The water looks crystal clear! Hard to believe! I don't blame you for not swimming! I probably would have yelped and ran the opposite direction! Good to have you back safely....missed ya more than you'll know.....actually was counting the days & hours...muah


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