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Thursday, July 2, 2009

One Week and Pictures

Happy July everyone! Nick and I have been forging our way through this last week--it is completely different territory than we are used to. I think the biggest change we are trying to adjust to is the lack of sleep (mostly on my part) and being unable to go to bed together at the same time. On the nights when he has to work or go to school, I camp out in the living room so that he can get some sleep without Bradley waking him up all night. I miss my hubby but this too shall pass and soon enough Bradley will be sleeping more!!

Here are some pictures from the last week:

Today was baby's first pediatrician appointment. Grandma went with us b/c daddy had to work.

You can see how much he liked being messed with! Overall he did pretty good throughout the exam and they said everything was looking very good with him. He goes back at 1 month.

So this weekend is July 4, and yesterday we all went and bought some fireworks. Every year we go out to my dad's land and pop fireworks. Of course, this year we will have Bradley and I'm not quite sure how that is going to work out. Do I sit outside and cover his ears when one goes off? Do I try to get him to sleep and keep him inside and go back and forth to make sure he stays asleep? Hmm, we shall see how this goes!


  1. Yeah for more pictures!! He's the cutest little thing! I'm so in love with all of his hair. Too cute!

    Thanks for the sweet comment by the way. :)

  2. Glad to hear that he is doing well. I just can't get over how much hair he has... what a cute lil guy!! Congrats once again.

  3. He's so cute! Congratulations on your miracle!

  4. I am so glad you have more pictures. He is absolutely beautiful. I love the full head of dark hair!!!

  5. Wow, look at all that hair! So cute! Congrats! And looking at your pictures of your belly---you didn't get big at all...I bet lots of pregnant women were jealous of your small belly!

  6. Congrats! He's so beautiful and I love that dark hair! Amazing!

    You will never be the same again.... I can already tell that mamahood suits you in more ways than one.


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